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Not. Shovel. Ready.

Not. Shovel. Ready.

This ad by Crossroads GPS, for which Karl Rove consults, has been running very heavily in upstate NY.

It’s critically important that these type of ads run early before Obama starts spreading his hoped-for billion dollars around, the unions spend their hundreds of millions, and Hollywood/Wall Street kick in their tens of millions:


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Obama can be crushed in 2012. His record does most of the work for us. The real struggle will be in choosing his replacement.

It’s running on cable here on Long Island, too.

[…] Professor Jacobson, who remarks: “It’s critically important that these type of ads run early before Obama starts spreading […]

One of the most damaging aspects of that ad is when everyone laughs as Obama talks about how the shovel-ready projects were not quite so shovel-ready. This portrayal of tone deafness is priceless.

This is also very telling. While the Democrats claim that healthcare is one of their core issues, you listen to these people laugh, and it makes you wonder how they could be so callus about how the current state of the economy is negatively affecting the health of a lot of people.

With all of the unemployment, heartache over foreclosures, people living in attacks, there must be an epidemic of high blood pressure, stress related illnesses and heart attacks. How many people have health condition that are made far worse about getting up every day and worrying how they are going to buy gas or pay the rent?

The Democrats don’t care if a lot of middle class people get sick – to them, as long as they are taking care of the poor (and building up their constituency), everyone else’s health problems are just collateral damage.

Gordon Winslow | July 2, 2011 at 12:37 am

Great ad, but why is it running in New York?

StephenMonteith | July 2, 2011 at 1:37 am

I’d be interested to know what you think of Mitt Romney’s ads. They’re just as hard-hitting, and not weighed down by numbers. Instead, they feature people and places that have been affected by the economic downturn, as well as the president’s own self-condemning words. And he’s not waiting until after the primaries to air them.

Running very heavy in S. FL.

Karl Rove is a magnificent bastard!

This should run as a public service announcement.

His presidency is an abject failure. HE is an abject failure. I doubt that he can get a billion dollars (even with the massive donations from the Middle East he got in ’08), but it’s pretty clear why he thinks he needs every dime of it.