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New MSNBC Host Sharpton Recently Vowed Never To Criticize Obama

New MSNBC Host Sharpton Recently Vowed Never To Criticize Obama

Is Al Sharpton too in the tank for Obama to be appropriate even for MSNBC?  Glenn Greenwald, who, like a stopped clock, is correct on rare occasions, notes:

I assumed it was hyperbole — until I watched the video and read the transcript of the Sharpton interview.  The 60 Minutes segment was aired on May 19, 2011, and chronicles what it calls Sharpton’s “metamorphosis: today he’s down right tame. So much so, that he has made his way into the establishment.”  It includes this:

Sharpton told us that having a black president is a challenge: if he finds fault with Mr. Obama, he’d be aiding those who want to destroy him. So he has decided not to criticize the president about anything — even about black unemployment, which is twice the national rate.

The segment also described Sharpton as “now a trusted White House adviser” and recounts that “given his loyalty and his change from confrontational to accommodating, the administration is rewarding him with access and assignments.”

Greenwald’s criticism is also symptomatic of recent polls that suggest Obama may be having trouble with his base (not that they have anywhere else to go).  In other times, leftists might not have been so concerned about MSNBC being too pro-Obama.


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Matthew Knee: You are being unfair: Al Sharpton will fill a vital need at MSNBC, providing deep insights into the menace of “white interlopers” and “Jew diamond merchants”…not to mention rape victims who were “asking for it”. /spit

Sharpton lost all credibility with the Tawana Brawley case. He makes Geraldo Rivera seem like a serious journalist.

Well…at least Sharpton is honest about what he is doing, even though he is otherwise a loathsome character.

One thing that irritates me about the secular media is their rather blatant bigotry and bias, yet at the same time they will say (with a straight face) that they are independent and not beholden to any one side. Too many journalists truly believe that whatever they write or say on TV must somehow be true, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will dissuade them of that belief. In reality they are isolated and sealed off from the real world in their ivory-tower newsrooms.

The mere fact that MSNBC would hire a monster like Sharpton tells you everything you need to know about that network.

If he had to criticize Obama then he’d actually have to THINK about what he was saying instead of formulaic, baptist preacher delivered lies and misdirection on how racist white people are.

It’s an easy call. Notice he won’t stop PRAISING and APPLAUDING Obama.