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Mexico, Maryland, literally

Mexico, Maryland, literally

Sent by reader Ulises, who writes (embedded link added):

… saw this one in the Sears parking lot in Cockeysville, MD… maybe the in-state tuition debate that has shone a light on the problem of illegal inmigration in the state.  By the way, I’m a legal immigrant, originally from the Dominican Republic.

Maybe they mean Mexico, Maryland, literally.  Or maybe just the lawlessness.


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DINORightMarie | July 11, 2011 at 7:44 am

No, they mean that Maryland is mini-Mexico.

I grew up in the DC suburbs (Silver Spring, MD). When I was growing up, there were plenty of minority children in schools with me, as they were just part of the neighborhoods, often diplomats’ children, military families, etc. Typical middle class, mostly. Some, but relatively few Hispanics. Small, quiet neighborhood, good families. Mostly Catholic. Serene.

When I was in my teens (about 1978) things began to change; the entire area demographic morphed rapidly. By the time I was in my own apartment, almost done with college (mid-80’s), there were as many Hispanics as all other minorities COMBINED. The apartment building I lived in, by 1990, was almost all Hispanic (not just “Mexican” but from all over Central and South America).

Unfortunately, many people lump all Hispanics into the “Mexican” category. However, since the immigration trend has continued, most of the DC suburbs in Maryland are near-majority Hispanic, from all areas of Central and South America. One friend I worked with was from Colombia. Lots from El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru. Another young friend of mine, from Puerto Rico, hung out with Hispanics at DC clubs. One boy, in particular, was shot by competing drug dealers – or so she said. She was not surprised. I was appalled. My little suburb. Transformed. Overnight.

As I’ve traveled over the years in Maryland (to Ocean City, Waldorf, Baltimore, Hagerstown, Frederick, etc.) it’s the same wherever I go. The doors must have been opened under Carter, though I was too young then to know, and haven’t researched if this is the case; I also noticed it picked up after Reagan’s amnesty deal, but again, I don’t have anything definitive to back that up.

The area schools are rife with gangs. The once exceptional schools in Montgomery County (no. 1 in the country when I attended) are frightening due to the violence. Their school board is, of course, EXTREMELY liberal, and un-elected, perpetuating the problems.

Mini-“Mexico.” Because mini-“Central and South America” just doesn’t have the same ring to it (the KISS method, I guess).

common tater | July 11, 2011 at 8:26 am

That sticker only says it half-way. The sentiment should be translated into Spanish after the English, certainly.

Maryland used to use “America in miniature” as a tourism slogan. This is definitely a riff on that.

Good news is that they certified enough signatures to put the in-state tuition for illegals law to a referendum next year, it’s sure to be voted down. Maybe our friends in Ct. could do the same?