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Least shocking headline of the day

Least shocking headline of the day

From The Hill:

Days after lauding McConnell, Democratic leaders rip him


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You’re making me smile a lot today…thanks 🙂

And why were they ripping Mitch? Well, because Harry was left out in the cold, which is a damned difficult thing to do in July — especially this July!

But McConnell was going right around Harry, negotiating the Republican Senate position with the White House, and poor pathetic Harry was just standing there all alone in the cold, with a firm, angry grip on his . . . talking points from the day before!


Now we have to find out exactly what the %1 trillion in cuts are, and over how long a period of time.

And we have to see exactly how the Balanced Budget Amendment they are talking about will be phrased, and whether the anticipated adoption process will consist of the two houses taking votes on resolutions urging the states to adopt it, or whether the two houses of the congress will agree to take actual votes for adoption now.

Finally, I most eagerly await the moment when Barack Obama sends out his “congratulatory Tweet” to all of his followers . . . you know, the Tweet openly lauding the Congress, and in particular, the Republicans, for having compromised, just as he had asked them to do!

Ahhhh, yes! You think a “few” of his followers dropped off his map the other day when he started that “#compromise” meme on twitter on the specific recommendation of the NY Times reporter? I predict there will be an audible thud when this latest baby drops.

Gee, maybe there should be a prediction poll on how many of his Twitter followers will now walk away from the Tweeting One-Der for what they will unquestionably see as him having compromised his Presidency?

Harry Belafonte will be seen as a moderate compared to what his true believers will now say about him!