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It’s getting hard to tell anti-Bush and anti-Obama bumper stickers apart

It’s getting hard to tell anti-Bush and anti-Obama bumper stickers apart

Yet another example of anti-Bush anti-war bumper stickers doing double-duty.  Spotted in my neighborhood in Rhode Island on July 4:


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We can’t kill our way to Peace? To quote Obama, “Yes, we can”.

    Aarradin in reply to Towson Lawyer. | July 6, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    Yes to both questions, actually. Yet more proof that being incapable of thinking logically is a pre-requisite for being a liberal.

Ignorance is bliss, so then they profess it on a bumper sticker.

It’s pretty hard to tell Bush and Obama apart.

We can’t kill our way to Peace? I guess the owner of this vehicle hasn’t read too much history in their lives. Lets see, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, WWI and WWII come to mind off the top of my head.

As a trained biologist, I ache for the lack of critical thinking skills I observe in the average person these days. And, like the Barbie doll that lamented that math is hard, I believe too many people nowadays moan that – thinking is hard, just leave me to my feelings.

Question Authority uh…unless it’s my authority

“…a war which should never have been fought?” The first thing to know is when someone is making war on you. Fortunately some here do know though it’s doubtful that this particular sticker-licker does. The constant “two-war” comments (or three, four, or six wars) blissfully (willfully?) ignore that these are hot spots in the same war; they aren’t separate wars any more than the European, Pacific, CBI theaters were in WW II. Flotillas, anything Israel, Ground Zero mosques, legalized burqas, CAIR, sharia law, Denmark, te UK, and Sweded are among the other theaters in this war, arguably those where it may be won or lost. Make no mistake, there is a war. Defining a war by the site of weaponry and traumatic death is obsolete, probably the last thing this person believes he or she is is obsolete. It’s a variation of “fighting the last war.” What’s really sad is that if we lose and the driver is female, she may get to turn in her driver’s license and won’t have to take time out of her busy day to vote. If we “win” someone else will have done it for her and she won’t even know there had been a war.

Keep those bumper stickers coming!

I still find it rather ironic that the “peace” sign is most likely a death rune.