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I wrote a letter to Rahm Emanuel and I didn’t curse at all

I wrote a letter to Rahm Emanuel and I didn’t curse at all

Dear Rahm,

Governor Christie has a right to get testy when questioned on his family’s decision to send their children to parochial school because he’s working to give all children the opportunity to get a great education, be it in a public school or elsewhere. You, however, are a union tool and, while your kids aren’t fair game, your family’s decision to spend $25,000 a year on a private school while you oppose a voucher plan that allows other students forced to attend failing public schools the opportunity to have the same education as your children is fair game.

All the best,

(h/t John Kass at the Chicago Tribune)


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LukeHandCool | July 24, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Expect to receive a dead fish in the mail as a warning.

Ah, beat me to it Luke:)

Kerrvillian | July 24, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Never let a crisis, or a temper tantrum, go to waste.

Good for you, Michael.

So, basically you’re saying the morality of questioning one’s decisions on where to send their children to school depends entirely on whether or not Michael Alan thinks one’s policy on public education is effective? For a second there, I was worried you were narcissistic.

Did he use his children as props to win the election? If yes, then they are fair game. You can’t have it both ways.