When word spread via leaks to The NY Times and others that there was the possibility of a debt deal being worked out between Obama and Boehner in which budget cuts would be frontloaded with no new taxes on “the rich,” Democrats in the Senate rushed to scuttle any deal, led by Harry Reid. 

As reported by WaPo (h/t SoccerDad):

After a lunchtime meeting between [White House Budget Director Jacob J.] Lew and Senate Democrats, Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) made no attempt to hide his anger, telling reporters that his caucus would oppose the “potential agreement” because it appeared to include no clear guarantee of increased revenue.

“The president always talked about balance, that there had to be some fairness in this, that this can’t be all cuts. There has to be a balance. There has to be some revenue and cuts. My caucus agrees with that,” Reid said. “I hope that the president sticks with that. I’m confident that he will.”

TPM reports:

At this point, Democrats are hoping they’re popping a trial balloon — proving to both Obama and Boehner that a no-revenue idea can’t pass.

I’m waiting for Reid to step to the microphone and declare with pride and conviction:  The negotiations have failed, the debt deal is lost.

Update: A vote will take place today, possibly even this morning, on a procedural motion by Harry Reid to kill the Cut, Cap and Balance bill passed by the House. The motion needs only 51 votes to kill the bill without any debate.