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Good News!

Good News!

A reminder from Bill Kristol (h/t commenter Mike Hinton)

But even if [the McConnell plan] created a bad news day yesterday for Republicans, the good news is that it’s already yesterday’s news.

It’s House Republicans—not Senate minority leader McConnell—who will control tomorrow’s news.

It is dawn yet?  It was just a bad dream, right?


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DINORightMarie | July 13, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Yes. Keeping this in perspective is crucial.

Glimmers. Glimmers peeking through. 🙂

[…] via Legal Insurrection is this Bill Kristol piece that somewhat fits with the meme but is more strategy for avoiding or […]

Yep. Whatever happens the sun Will come up in the east. If it doesn’t we’re cooked.

More good news..

“Israel is a different story. Here, where the shale deposits are uniform, thick and rich, the aquifer is well below the oil shale; they are separated from one another by about 200 meters of impermeable rock. There is therefore no need for a freeze wall. And Dr. Vinegar’s technology, rather than using water to function, actually generates water: the shale contains 20% water, which is produced during the extraction process. According to Dana Kadmiel, the IEI environmental engineer I spoke with, this water can be treated and subsequently used for agriculture.

The hydrogeological conditions here thus yield multiple advantages: lower water consumption, higher energy efficiencies, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and lower costs. Dr. Kadmiel estimates that the resource will be extractable at a cost of about $40 a barrel.”


“Israel’s massive 238 sq km Shefla Basin shale discovery. Shefla holds the world’s second largest shale deposits outside the United States, from which around 250 billion barrels of oil – about the same as Saudi Arabia’s proven reserves, could be extractable.”

“Israel’s equally large gas (and possibly oil) discoveries off the coast of Haifa, Leviathan and Tamar. They are among the world’s biggest recent gas finds, have already moved into the development stage, and should be coming on line within the next few years.”

Financial Post