Perhaps so.  Katie Pavlich has obtained an email in which ATF Assistant Director  of Field Operations Mark R. Chait wrote the following:

This does not prove, as some on the right side of the blogosphere are saying, that Gunwalker was designed  to produce evidence to justify gun control, but it does highlight the irony and hypocrisy of the Obama Admnistration’s stance towards putting arms in the hands of criminals south of the border.  The Obama administration was complicit in selling thousands of guns to the same Mexican drug cartels whose possession of said guns was, and remains, the centerpiece of their anti-gun arguments.  The fact that the Obama administration is still using these arguments to this day, with all that we now know about Gunwalker, layers chutzpah upon hypocrisy.

In this instance, the DOJ instituted a new, Southwest-specific, reporting policy justified directly by the fear of Mexican drug cartels and similar organizations obtaining large quantities of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines – a fear the the Obama ATF helped make a deadly reality with their complicity in the sales of semiautomatic AK variants and similar arms to the cartels as part of Gunwalker.