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Did the Obama Administration Obtain Gunwalker Info To Justify A New Gun Control Measure?

Did the Obama Administration Obtain Gunwalker Info To Justify A New Gun Control Measure?

Perhaps so.  Katie Pavlich has obtained an email in which ATF Assistant Director  of Field Operations Mark R. Chait wrote the following:

This does not prove, as some on the right side of the blogosphere are saying, that Gunwalker was designed  to produce evidence to justify gun control, but it does highlight the irony and hypocrisy of the Obama Admnistration’s stance towards putting arms in the hands of criminals south of the border.  The Obama administration was complicit in selling thousands of guns to the same Mexican drug cartels whose possession of said guns was, and remains, the centerpiece of their anti-gun arguments.  The fact that the Obama administration is still using these arguments to this day, with all that we now know about Gunwalker, layers chutzpah upon hypocrisy.

In this instance, the DOJ instituted a new, Southwest-specific, reporting policy justified directly by the fear of Mexican drug cartels and similar organizations obtaining large quantities of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines – a fear the the Obama ATF helped make a deadly reality with their complicity in the sales of semiautomatic AK variants and similar arms to the cartels as part of Gunwalker.


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Appoint a special prosecutor or independent counsel to investigate.

Fast and Furious shows you just how clueless and inept the Obama DoJ is. Eric Holder should be up on charges right now for the deaths of Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry.

Anyone with two grey cells bumping together would have known that once those guns crossed our southern border there was no way of tracking them. Mexican police/army are notoriously corrupt, being tainted with drug money. To think that those weapons would land in the hands of top cartel members was wishful thinking. Those weapons wound up in warehouses until they were needed.

This is more of the same scam that has been pushed on the American people since last year’s report that 90% of ALL weapons in Mexico came from the U.S., which was not true. The 90% came from just those weapons that the Mexican government turned over to ATF on the basis the Mexican government thought they originated from the U.S. It turned out that the U.S. weapons represented only approx. 18% of ALL weapons confiscated. Most of the illegal weapons in Mexico come from China or Russia.

Now, to cover up their errors, the Oval Office has issued a presidential directive that affects gun sales, but only in the border states. Guess Obama The Brilliant thinks guns can’t be purchased in Missouri or Alabama or Virginia.

Fast and Furious is a bigger story that Iran/Contra or Watergate. But the LSM is not going to touch it. Google “Fast and Furious” and see how many LSM outlets are reporting on it. Few.

And don’t ignore the reports coming out that F & F was also conducted out of the Tampa ATF office, allowing guns to leave the country to wind up in the hands of the MS-13 and MS-18 in Honduras, Operation Castaway.

With the most anti-Second Amendment president evah, in the Oval Office, can there be any doubt that with the false 90% report, Fast and Furious and Operation Castaway, that this administration was trying to build a case for hampering the Second Amendment by all means possible?

The next time we change Presidential parties, I expect a boatload of retirements at DEA, ATF, FBI, and DOJ.

Think back and remember when Hillary Clinton made her remark about ‘all the weapons in Mexico’ coming from the US – remember that the statement had an odd feel? It was obviously the precursor to outright gun control here – either she broke it too early and then had to be quiet (because it did seem to go away), or she was running up the trial balloon.

Maybe you have to be conspiratorial enough to think Soros is pulling both Hillary’s and Obama’s chains to go there…

I will bet that as the facts come to light – that’s how this benign gun monitoring program (Gunrunner) morphed into something truly corrupt and evil (Gunwalker/Fast&Furious). Add in giving guns to Honduras and this administration’s odd actions surrounding Honduras… a lot of things that rely defied explanation suddenly make sense.

And next time they make a comment that raises the hairs on the back of your neck – know that your spidey sense is on to something. And REPORTERS are supposed to be the guys with the spidey sense for a story – but they’re big dogs laying on the porch while the burglar is carting off the bigscreen TV.

The mainstream media is obviously hoping it will go away, or it is too complex for them to wrap their heads around, but wait until the families of the (said to be as much as) 40,000 killed, many Mexican families, start demanding answers, and justice.

By doing so, the administration is actively CONSPIRING to undermined the US constitution. Isn’t this an impeachable offense? Can the POTUS claim ignorance on this? As we have witnessed several times lately, “willful ignorance” is not a legal defense.

lump it all together with the administration telling brady group they are working gun control behind the scenes.

I am shocked at everything that has occurred within this administration. The only real scandal I remember anything about was Iran Contra and the little blue dress.

Why hasn’t the house already filed impeachment on this guy ? He has at the least violated (continues to violate ) the War Powers Act, Blagovich was convicted… shouldn’t that be grounds for an independent prosecutor to look into Obama’s involvement?

The image I perceive is one that makes Nixon’s paranoia and coverup of the Watergate break-in a child’s pleasent parlor trick. Indeed the very feel of old-time chicago thug politics writ upon the national stage is scary. I hope the scars can be polished out of the wood after he’s gone.

What is the problem here? It will take more than two dead US lawmen and 150 Mexican lawmen to upset the Obamites.

Maybe we need to look at the death toll from the Bloomberg-DOJ/ATF/FBI-Brady bunch, efforts to implicate gun show sales in city murders.