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Debt Bomb Open

Debt Bomb Open

I will not be able to follow the debt bomb bombast today since it’s a travel day back from the brink (a/k/a San Francisco).

Have we sold out yet and declared victory?


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Charlie Hurt, columnist for the Washington Times (formerly an opinion writer with the New York Post) gets the issue exactly right:

OK, so you wake up from a long drunken bender and discover that you burned through every bit of your money, raided your retirement savings and maxed out all your credit cards with debts your grandchildren will be paying for the rest of their lives. What do you do?

A) Stop spending, pay off your debts and figure out some way to never go on a drunken bender again where you spend all of your money and sentence your grandchildren to the modern day debtor’s prison.

B) Keep spending money you don’t have, apply for new credit cards and don’t do anything that would keep this from happening again for fear that it might make the credit card companies nervous about your financial stability.

If you picked A), you join the vast majority of Americans and qualify as an adult. If you picked B), you are certifiably insane and qualify as a Democrat worthy of leadership here in Washington, D.C. That is precisely the position held by President Obama and Democrats in this debate about raising the debt ceiling.
. . . .

It will likely come down to a few squishy Republican Senators, and whether they have the gumption to hold the line against targeted threats directed at them by the left . . .

Depending on the Republicans in the Senate is a bad idea.

The sellout has stalled. The Banana Republicans are attacking us Tea Partiers as wasting our time proposing C,,C & B that has no chance of passage while promoting their own Obama/McConnell/Coburn spending/debt/taxes explosion that has no chance of passage in the House. Stalemate.

It’s like Hannity said yesterday. Instead of uniting around a real solution, the Republican establishment has decided to war on conservatives on behalf of Obama. Now we have to wade through the toxic waste of nose holders who won’t toss their Republican security blankets to join the real fight. “We can’t win unless we surrender!”

BTW professor, be on the lookout for a TSA agent with a twisted, deformed breast. She’s not in a good mood these days.

Cowboy Curtis | July 20, 2011 at 2:24 pm

This reeealy deserves posting. Oh how I despise the press. The need to be ridiculed at each and every opportunity.

    Oh, yes! Nice catch, CC. Good thing for her that his comment was not a punch, or she would still be spitting out teeth!

    Contessa has been leading with her chin for so long now that it was inevitable she would eventually catch one right on the button!

    Now, if only I can be sure to be watching when Mika Brzezinski says something THAT stupid . . . oh wait.

      Cowboy Curtis in reply to Trochilus. | July 20, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      I know, if he’d only added, “Do you?” there at the end.

      We don’t have journalists anymore, we have a collection of doltish pretty-people newsreaders and political activists who spend their days complimenting each other on how crazy-smart they are. If the media and political class in this country were one-tenth as smart and wise as they assure us they are, this country would not be in the fix its in.

      Viator in reply to Trochilus. | July 21, 2011 at 6:50 am

      He – Morris Jackson “Mo” Brooks, Jr., 57 – graduated from Duke in three years with dual degree in economics and political science. Law degree U. of Alabama, Alabama Bar, Alabama House of Representatives, US House of Representatives,
      partner – Brooks and Leo

      She – Contessa Brewer, 36 – BS (no pun intended), U of Syracuse, Journalism. With an rich history of staking out the brain dead liberal position.