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Countdown to the debt deal

Countdown to the debt deal

Speculation abounds, from The NY Times on down (or is it, on up?):

The Obama administration has informed Democratic Congressional leaders that President Obama and Speaker John A. Boehner were starting to close in on a major budget deal that would enact substantial spending cuts and seek future revenues through a tax overhaul, Congressional officials said Thursday.

In the meantime, it looks like the House Cut-Cap-Balance Bill will come up for a vote on closure this Saturday.  Protein Wisdom (h/t Pasadena Phil) has a list of Senatorial contact information.  Most of them are lost causes, but perhaps these few could be influenced by public reaction:

Sen Baucus (202) 224-2651
Web Form:

Sen Begitch (202) 224-3004
Web Form:

Sen Landrieu (202) 224-5824
Web Form:

Sen Lieberman (202) 224-4041
Web Form:…

Sen Manchin (202) 224-3954
Web Form:

Sen McCaskill (202) 224-6154
Web Form:

Sen Ben Nelson (202) 224-6551
Web Form:

Sen Bill Nelson (202) 224-5274
Web Form:


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Not to worry there is a cure fro this problem…


It case you hadn’t seen it, Boehner’s reply:!/SpeakerBoehner/status/94087555909304320

“False. Senate should pass #CutCapBalance. RT NYT NEWS ALERT: Obama and Boehner Close to Major Budget Deal, Congressional Leaders Are Told”

I contacted my Senator, Bill Nelson, for what it’s worth.

There isn’t going to be a deal until the Senate and the White House bring Boehner a bill that pretty much mirrors his own CCB. The Senate is once again revealing their relative worthlessness and Obama is just, well… the man has become increasingly difficult to adequately describe in a civil manner.

Boehner is standing on their nuts. And he isn’t the one crying.

Beohner called Limbaugh show today….

RUSH: We’re so happy to have with us the Speaker of the House, John Boehner. I’m glad that we had a chance to talk to you here, Mr. Speaker, because people are confused with all of these leaks as to what’s going on.

SPEAKER BOEHNER: Well, Rush, there is no deal. No deal publicly. No deal privately. There is absolutely no deal

The NYTimes report is ‘hogwash’. All the news that’s fit to print?? Organized confusion, and wishful thinking. Just say NO to tax increases. The only proposal on paper is the House, Cut, Cap and Balance, H.R. 2560 !!

The New York Times, America’s Pravda