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Could Cut, Cap, and Balance pass the Senate?

Could Cut, Cap, and Balance pass the Senate?

Senator Jim DeMint is circulating this video from the Club for Growth showing twenty (!) Senate Democrats pledging their support for a Balanced Budget Amendment. As a little bit of context, H.R. 2560 did pass with support from five House Democrats last night, so it’s possible that, if House Republicans hold firm and refrain from conceding tax hikes to Senate Democrats, Cut, Cap, and Balance could pass the Senate as a last resort.

While I don’t expect any of them to keep their promise, what would happen if Cut, Cap, and Balance actually passed the upper chamber? Would President Obama renege on his threat to veto the bill or allow a default and the loss of our AAA credit rating?


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THAT would reset the playing field for 2012 in favor of legislators. I really don’t think that even the Dems are happy about having to defend Obama and this would position them correctly to attack the real problem without either party surrendering any advantage to the other. Make it personal.

I think Obama is such an ideolog that he would veto the bill. That’s what comes with electing a “my way or the highway” kinda guy. If we default, (which I don’t think we would) he, and the Dems, will find a way to lay that at the feet of the Republicans and of course, George Bush.

You see, the Treasury Secretary, Timothy Tax-cheat Geithner, has the authority to pay our debts and financial responsibility. Why wouldn’t such a politica hack stop SS payments and make it look like the Republicans hate old people?

If a given person alters or modulates their behavior according to what other short-sighted people might do, then who becomes the determinant of the first person’s behavior? The moment someone alters their behavior in response to the short-sighted actions of others, that person becomes nothing more than a vessel of responses to the behavior of other people and they might as well throw away their inner compass away.

While it makes sense to consider the viability of any bill, that is not the main criteria to be taken into consideration while drafting legislation. Politicians should concern themselves first with the best interests of the nation. If legislation is drafted that is in the best interests of the nation, it should be brought to the floor for a vote. If short-sighted people vote it down, the failure of the legislation is then attributable to those who have agendas of their own – not the people who drafted it.

Thus, I have no interest in making conjecture which only serves to distract people at the moment from doing what’s right. Let people act with a clear conscience (or a hidden agenda) and then lets see who stands for what.

PresPalin2012 | July 21, 2011 at 3:54 am

Question, “If the Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill made it past the upper chamber of the Congress, ie; the US Senate, would Obama veto it..

What do you think… does a bear sh*t in the woods.. Obama cares about only one thing, and one person, and that is Obama, and his Anti-American Liberal Socialist-Marxist Policies and Agenda..

Obama has no idea what he is doing, about and of, the US Economy, which makes him Incompetent, Inept, and an economic political idiot of a leader, therein lies his attitude and strategy of, – “he could care less”.. which is so evident, a fifth grader could figure it out..

Look, Obama has no interest, let alone desire, to make America economically sound and prosperous.. Only to plunder it’s resources and wealth, and redistribute it all, to everyone, and anyone, he deems should have it..  And why, because
Obama, is a devout and committed ideologically indoctrinated Anti-American, Liberal Socialist-Marxist, and his hard line zeal and unbudgingness in this area, to compromise, makes him an extremist / zealot, and is the reason, basis, and premise, for the unaltering of his Keynesian Socialist-Marxist Policies and Agenda, especially in the face of such massive criticism of him, and of his massive govt. Spending, Taxing, and over Regulating of American Businesses, and People, through his massive govt. buildup and control of the US Capitalist system and Economy, either directly or indirectly, to the point of Bankruptcy and Insolvency.

The leaders of the Republican Party in Congress, are doing what the American Patriotic Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives and or Republicans, sent them there, Washington DC / Congress, to do, in the Nov 2010 midterm elections, which is to stop Obama’s madness of his massive out of control Spending, Taxing, and over Regulating Policies and Agenda..  thus Obama is now, as he was before, but even more so now, has become so extremely arrogant, elitist, contemptuous, and indignant, to the point of almost being completely detached from reality.. As Obama actually believes himself to be a living Deity.

You see, as a committed ideologically indoctrinated Liberal Socialist-Marxist, Obama does not believe in the US Constitution, as giving power to the ordinary people, as evidenced in his many indiscretionary quotes, his agenda and policies, and in his executive order implementation of said policies and agenda.. To Obama, in his beliefs, ideology, philosophy, opinion, and mind,- Liberty and Freedom, does not mean Individual personal Liberty and Freedom, it means Govt. Freedom and Liberty, as in the govt. has the Freedom and Liberty of unlimited power, to do what the govt. wants to do, as it pleases, when it pleases, how it pleases, and whatever else it pleases to do, as it see fit to do, or not to do..  That’s Obama’s definition of Freedom and Liberty, which is why Obama, views the U.S. Constitution, as a Hindrance, a Nuisance, and something that needs to be either nullified, and or ignored. 

Obama’s perceived incoherency, incompetency, and ineptness, is now more real and apparent than ever, as his sense of reality seems to be unraveling at a rapid pace.. as evidenced with his irrational behavior, in his political decisions to politically and executively, with the force of legal authority, of the US Federal govt., has been, and is now, directed soley at American Businesses, the American People, and the Nation as a whole.

Here’s Obama’s Doctrine for America, and the World, as Obama sees it, which all the evidence, of his policies, and his actions, points to as correct, and why and what Obama says and does, what Obama says and does..   as Obama truly believes that America, in it’s inherent criminal American Colonialism / American Imperialism, is the root cause of all of the world’s problems, and is not, and should not be, the world’s shining example of Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Justice, and Economic, Political, and Social Prosperity, for all the world to emulate and aspire to..”

Article:  Our World: America’s descent into strategic dementia
~Caroline B. Glick~

“Since taking office, Obama has made clear that he views the US as an imperialist power on the world stage. As a result, the overarching goal of Obama’s foreign policy has been to end US global hegemony.
Obama looks to the UN as a vehicle for tethering the US superpower. He views US allies in the Middle East and around the world with suspicion because he feels that as US allies, they are complicit with US imperialism.”


That is why it will never pass in the Senate. The Dems will never put The One in that position. Number two on the list was Charles Schumer, one of the most powerful US senators and a dedicated wily leftist apparatchik.