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It’s going to be hard not to put him on my Top 10 for 2012, just as he was on my Top 10 list for 2010.

I can’t disagree with his comments about what’s her name, except (perhaps) to the extent he used the term “most.”   She is a flame-thrower who seeks to incite a reaction, much like Alan Grayson, and West should not have taken the bait.

Mark Levin put out a call last night for listeners to donate to West, and crashed his website.  It hopefully is working now, so go donate at


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


Maybe West took the bait, but I bet it felt good. That woman is a despicable moonbat who, as you say, challenges Alan Grayson for the worst person in Florida.

Charles Curran | July 21, 2011 at 10:43 am

‘What’s her name’ has been on his case for almost a year. She shoots her mouth off all the time, and nobody says a word. Well now she has picked a fight that she will not win. Allen West will not back down. She better fasten her seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

These are the guys Karl Rove should be building up and supporting, not Romney, Pawlenty, Perry and their open-borders ilk who create low-end employment while they destroy the economic environment for quality jobs.

Not taking the bait is good advice. Here’s my version; SUBJECT>Wasserman-Schultz Rebuttal

Thank you. There is much more to be said and many more to be called to account for their actions. The tide is beginning to turn, but please, be careful, we need you and do not want to lose you.
Yours truly,
Send the congressman an email; unlike many, his site accepts messages from anywhere, not just his home state.

great unknown | July 21, 2011 at 12:15 pm

The site is still overloaded and having problems taking credit-card donations. [as of about noon EDT jul 27]. Every conservative politician have that kind of problem.

Try calling the office at 877 906 2010. A very pleasant and efficient staff.

I disagree with the “tone it down” approach. Historically, nice guys finish dead. Regardless of what he said, the MSM would have been down on him. Rep. West was following his military tradition and well as his strong background in history.

Would that some other targets, such as Israel, were as willing to not just react, but attack.

In any case, as I told his office, I made the donation out of my entertainment budget.

if Wasserman was some sort of idiot savant she may have been baiting West. In the real world she is just a nasty piece of work who essentially attacks the GOP everyday.
This is not “bait” for some grand media strategy to make the GOP overreact … they actually don’t expect a reaction because they expect their attacks to become the meme for the MSM … calling her out destroys the medias ability to reinforce the meme …
Every minute the media has to devote to Wests counter attack is one less minute they get to keep beating the “GOP wants to kill granny” meme drum …

Keep it up West …

    great unknown in reply to dorsaighost. | July 21, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Precisely. Your nom-de-web is well chosen; I suspect you would agree that while counter-attack is good, pre-preemptive attack is better. Ideally, using mockery, both low and sophisticated. Nothing is more impressive than “I have a degree in economics, Ma’am, with highest honors.”

I wrote the Congressman an email of support. What is good for the congressional gander is good for the congressional goose.

I called his Florida office to offer words of encouragement….very nice staff and they did say that he is receiving alot of positive calls.
Go West Go!!!

West voted to continue the fraudulent Pigford payouts and he voted to raise the debt ceiling. As horrible a person as Wasserman-Schulz is, it was a bit hypocritical for him to chide her in an email for not saying her words to his face.