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“Yes We Can’t”

“Yes We Can’t”

Sent by reader Thomas, who writes:

Took this at Redwood National Park on Saturday.  I’m actually from Porland OR and sent the Hybrid Bumper sticker picture before.  Notice on the picture of Pres. Obama standing at the podium (passenger side taillight) “missing” the American flag.

Don’t jump to conclusion about the politics of the owner, based only on the outlandish nature of the vehicle. Most of the stickers are non-political, except for the one of Obama without the flags. Read the handwriting on the image: “Yes we can’t.”


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DINORightMarie | June 22, 2011 at 8:41 am

Of all the items on that car, the Obama sticker is the only one I can figure out.

Strange car – is the owner an alien-worshiping SUFI? An artist making random statements? A traveling vet/pro-American who collects alien dolls, turtles, skulls, and has a not-nice mother?

Whatever he/she is, the Obama sticker speaks volumes. “Where is the Flag?” “Yes we can’t.” Sums up this administration well.

Nominate Thomas winner in the 2011 “What In The World Was This Person Thinking?” competition. There has got to be a story behind this mess. Or could this be like the 21st century version of “hoarders”? If only Dr. Sanity weren’t on hiatus.

Live Free or Die

“In September 2010, it was reported that nine individuals had commenced legal proceedings in the Australian Federal Court against Andrew Bolt and the Herald Sun over two separate posts on Bolt’s blog. The nine are suing over posts titled It’s so hip to be black/White is the New Black and White Fellas in the Black. The articles suggested it was fashionable for people of diverse ancestry to choose Aboriginal racial identity for the purposes of political and career clout. The applicants claim the posts breach the Racial Discrimination Act. They seek an apology, legal costs, and a gag on republishing the articles and blogs and “other relief as the court deems fit”.

Mark Steyn responds…

Live Free or Die

With the stickers on the windows and the stuff on the roof that could blow off, you’d think that would be a safety violation.

Don’t know why I’m clutching my skin and thinking of leprosy at the sight of this car.

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