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Yes, But Did Obama Read It Before He Signed It

Yes, But Did Obama Read It Before He Signed It

At the NetRoots Conference White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer stated that although Barack Obama signed a document in 1996 saying he supported gay marriage, Obama did not fill out the document.

So he signed it but his signature apparently doesn’t mean anything because he didn’t fill it out.  Is that like not reading the bill before you sign it?

This is pure comedy gold (via Americablog):

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Spoken like a man who grew up never turning in his homework on time. His library of lame excuses never fails to amaze.

In other words, "I proudly and boldly vote Present!!"

I don't remember "I signed it but didn't bother to read it, so it doesn't count" being a defense they taught us in law school. I must have been hungover that day.

What do we care what Nutroots Nation think? It's not like they'll abandon Obama even though he's thrown them all under the bus a thousand times. Five wars? Crashing economy? GTMO still open? Secret wiretaps still on? Gay marriage still illegal? Lobbyists control the White House? $14 trillion in debt? Gas/food/clothing prices skyrocketing? Executive Order still used to assassinate Americans overseas? Every single thing the Left hated about Bush Barack has done – and more.
Still, the Left twist themselves into pretzels trying to find a way to support him.

Leftists' priciples be damned!
Above all, Liberalism!
Above that, Barack Obama!

No Columbia senior thesis; No Harvard Law writings; No Illinois state senate records;
Jr. U.S. Senator 'present' from Illinois.

And now this 1996 declaration on homosexual hook ups that President 'auto pen' supposedly didn't even read.

It's as if there's been a carefully massaged campaign to present only a pale reflection of who this BHO guy really is…

But that's simply crazy talk!