The chorus of voices pointing out the damage Ed Rollins is doing to Michele Bachmann because of the needless and damaging fight Rollins picked with Sarah Palin on his first day on the job is growing:

  • Greta: “My advice? Better to dump Rollins now than to carry his baggage throughout the campaign. If Congresswoman Bachmann is serious about a run (and I think she is), she wants to look Presidential at the beginning and not made to look petty before she even announces by someone who is.”
  • Jennifer Rubin:  “Bachmann has a reputation on the Hill as a tough boss. Perhaps she’ll keep Rollins around, but no one would think ill of her if she canned him. In fact, the sign of a good executive is the willingness to cut dead wood that is dragging the team down.
  • Allahpundit:  “So not only did he antagonize grassroots Palin voters whom his candidate needs, he did it via the same sort of critique he’d leveled at Bachmann, thereby guaranteeing that it’ll be thrown back in her face every time someone in her camp tries to question Palin’s “seriousness.” Brilliant.”
  • Ace: “And he’s calling Palin stupid!

In another place and at another time, perhaps Rollins’ tactics would be admired.  But not here and not now, and not for Michele Bachmann.

There are a lot of people who want to support Bachmann (depending of course who else gets in), but with Rollins on the team, it’s a non-starter. 

In fact, it’s more than a non-starter.  Keeping Rollins on the team guarantees that people who otherwise might consider backing Bachmann against a more establishment candidate will do everything within their power to stop her. 

Each day Rollins stays on Bachmann’s campaign makes it that much harder to undo the damage.

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