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What have I missed?

What have I missed?

I’ve been away from the blog for, oh, seven hours.

Are we still the ones we have been waiting for?

Is there anything he’s not willing to sell or raffle off to get reelected?

Have any more people piled on Michele Bachmann?

Is the Chief Cheesehead of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin still helping bring people together?

So many questions, so little time.


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Might want to look at this one.

“adding that the Oklahoma City Bombing appears to have been an earlier and far, far uglier version of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ “Operation: Fast and Furious,” an affair involving many of the same key players.”

Relax. The gang has been filling in. If there’d been a problem we’d have sent up a rocket. Resume normal activities.

DINORightMarie | June 28, 2011 at 5:18 pm

The big news I’ve read/heard is that Sarah Palin and Todd are in Iowa – and lunched at Panera Bread. (See Iowa Republican for that.)

Oh, and the is White House claiming that the “raffle” ad filmed in the White House doesn’t count as breaking the law. (See Gateway Pundit on that.)

Glad you had a safe trip!

DINORightMarie | June 28, 2011 at 5:19 pm

Sorry. Typo. “….the White House is claiming….” 🙁


Blech! Panera Bread? She probably had a diet Dr. Pepper with whatever she ordered.

I finally found some things that I disagree with Palin on – life is too short to eat rabbit food and wash it down with used motor oil!

Let’s go to Five Guys!

Levin: Stephanopoulos Is Foolish in Lecturing Bachmann
George Stephanopoulos made the mistake of going after Michele Bachmann on history — and promptly proceeded to get his history foolishly wrong. Said George:

For example earlier this year you said that the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence worked tirelessly to end slavery. Now with respect Congresswoman, that’s just not true.

Actually, George, it is true.

Then we have the Bachmann – WaterlooGacy kerfuffle.

@turfmann | June 28, 2011 at 5:59 pm

. . . “Let’s go to Five Guys!”

Meet you there! We even have one here in the Trenton area of NJ. The best!

1. I’m the one we’ve been waiting for, but my ego wasn’t big enough to get elected… 🙂
2. “We have specials on gently used superpowers – now through Jan 20, 2013! Get your deals while they last! Operators are STANDING BY!”
3. Not tracking who’s jumping on Bachmann…
4. which Cheesehead are you considering the Chief Cheesehead?

Re: Bachmann and “Five Guys” – while it’s a great idea for her to go, I can just imagine that the MSM will say the next day that Bachmann didn’t actually adopt 23 kids, she had them by Five Guys…

Question: Since Marco Runio’s parents were born in Cuba, does that make him constitutionally ineligible to be president and/or VP?

Obama looks for 2 1/2 years and finds that he is the one he’s been looking for all along.

In recent months, they say, the president has been relying more heavily on his own instincts and feeling less impelled to seek accord among advisors. …

“I think he reached a point where he had to trust his instincts, and there was nothing left to inform his decision except to do that,” said one advisor

    Juba Doobai! in reply to geoffb. | June 28, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    He always believes he’s the smartest one in the room. Now, if only he’d look at his transcripts. That would disabuse him of that delusion.

Professor, add to your list: is Obama still violating the U.S. Constitution and are the Democrats still trying to defend that after claim for eight years that Bush did?


I thought this was interesting..

More Than A Movie Debut?

“I once said that I would take Palin seriously as a presidential candidate when she took Iowa seriously. With her recent knack of showing up in early caucus and primary states on the heels of the high-profile announcements of Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, I think it’s time to take her seriously.

To many, Palin’s visit to Pella seems too late to signal that she may enter the presidential race. Even though Palin hasn’t been to Iowa since last November, she’s had an unofficial presence in the state for months now. Led by Peter Singleton, a California native, a group of Palin supporters have traveled all across the state meeting with county Republican officials and other GOP activists.

Singleton insists that he has no connection to Palin, but one cannot overlook what he and the others who are touting Palin across the state have done for her in Iowa. Singleton has crisscrossed the state meeting with activists and operatives alike. I chatted with him months ago and came away impressed. His understanding of Iowa and the caucus process here is impressive for an outsider.

Singleton and his team of Palin organizers have personally met with most of the county GOP chairs across the state. That is something that NONE of the current presidential campaigns can say that they have done. Instead of selling Iowa activists on Palin, they instead make sure that people understand that there is a possibility that Palin will run.

The Palin organizers also soak up any Iowa political knowledge they can get. A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking to a conservative breakfast club in western Iowa. After conversing with those in attendance for an hour or so, I noticed that one of the women was taking extensive notes. I was worried that I might have missed the fact that a reporter was present at the meeting. It wasn’t a reporter. It was a Palin organizer who I had yet to meet.

Even though Sarah Palin doesn’t play by the same rules that seem to govern the rest of the field of Republican candidates, she has developed an extensive ground game in Iowa, even if it’s not being officially coordinated by her or her advisors. In many ways, I think that Palin is probably more organized in Iowa in terms of grassroots communication than most of the current field.”

Craig Robinson serves as the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Robinson served as the Political Director of the Republican Party of Iowa during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

The Iowa Republican

Did I miss it or have there not been mass suicides with the printing of WI law 10 or whatever it’s called? Effective law starting in less than 3 hours.

Surely there is rending of clothes, gnashing of teeth, and covering themselves (Progs) with sackcloth. Surely.

Butt Michelle O has been spending, oh, millions touring South Africa and eating fried food, frolicking with the locals and disregarding the “We all must sacrifice” mandate from on high.

Juba Doobai! | June 28, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Well, Abrahamson showed herself to be a liar and unfit for the WI SCt. See here:

This column by Clark Judge at Hugh Hewitt’s website is the most important thing from this week. It’s about Larry Lindsey’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal being too optimistic regarding the deficit.

Should American Taxpayers Finance another Big Fat Greek Bailout?

“It appears that American taxpayers are about to subsidize another Greek bailout (via the Keystone Cops at the IMF). This is way beyond economically foolish. It is also morally offensive.

To turn Winston Churchill’s famous quote upside down, “Never have so many paid so much to subsidize such an undeserving few.”

Let’s start with a few facts:

Greece’s GDP is roughly equal to the GDP of Maryland.
Greece’s population is roughly equal to the population of Ohio.
Despite that small size, in both terms of population and economic output, Greece already has received a bailout of about $150 billion (actual amount fluctuates with the exchange rate).
Don’t forget the indirect bailout resulting from purchases of Greek government bonds by the European Central Bank.
Now Greece is angling for another bailout of about $150 billion.”

“[Greece is] one of the most corrupt, crony-ridden, patronage-ridden, inefficient, silly economies in Christendom. …The state railroad maintains a payroll four times larger than its ticket sales. When a military officer dies, his pension continues for his unwed daughter as long as she remains unwed. Various workers are allowed to retire with a full state pension at age 45.”


The article turfmonster referenced is highly recommended.