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U.N. Appoints Fox As Chairman Of Committee on Henhouse Security (Again)

U.N. Appoints Fox As Chairman Of Committee on Henhouse Security (Again)

The same institution that put countries such as Libya, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia on their  Human Rights Council and Iran on their Commission on the Status of Women has now put North Korea in charge of their Conference on Disarmament.

Absurdities such as this are inevitable because the United Nations operates on the amoral assumption that all nations, except the five with Security Council veto power with respect to UNSC subjects, and Israel which is treated as lesser than the rest, are equal.  Many Americans (mostly, but not exclusively, on the left)  place a great deal of moral and legal authority in the hands of this corrupt institution. As such, the American people must constantly be reminded of these outrages.


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this is a great move. you see, rogue nations like those above lash out at women and perform atrocities basically because nobody pays attention to them or gives them a chance.

with these new positions of authority in the UN, i predict a new era of prosperity and brotherhood among all nations. the UN has once again succeeded with their soft-handed and enlightened approach to world diplomacy!

Meanwhile the Obama Admin adds Israel to the list to the list of nations who support terrorism: a list that does not include North Korea.

common tater | June 30, 2011 at 11:04 am

But but Jong-il is completely disarming.

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