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This Prius Owner Is Apparently Compensating For Something…

This Prius Owner Is Apparently Compensating For Something…

(by Matthew Knee)

…that is, the fact that he or she is driving a Prius.

I took this picture in the parking lot of the California Republican Assembly convention in Orange County last spring. I saw the same car at the California Republican Convention the following fall in Sacramento, although I am unaware as to the identity of the activist.

EDIT: Added some close-ups for readability.


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You know, I've always said that owning a Prius doesn't mean you are a liberal, or an eco-hysterical loon. It's cheaper to own, because it uses so little gas!! Cost up-front is not much higher than the current average new car. Ahhh…..if I owned a Prius, I would decorate it like that one! I would add a Palin sticker; and one other sticker is REQUIRED: "I DON'T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA!" 🙂

Have a great day!

There's another Prius like this one near Dayon OH – Tea Party and 2A stickers all over the back.

(You do know why Toyota called it the Prius? Well, it's such a pathetic tin can, if we get into an accident that's what the responders will have to do to get us out.)