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“The second boldest undertaking any president has undertaken

“The second boldest undertaking any president has undertaken

on a single event in modern history“:

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I am thankful that many are having that "scales falling" from their eyes moment, but your video of the day says it all. Laser focus on jobs. Laser focus on the economy. Laser focus.

The unemployed, college students, business owners, home owners, fishermen, oil workers, Arizonans, Texans, and more…. That's "Who's Sorry Now."

Loving this series of videos with your captions! You missed your true calling, Professor!

I'm surprised that not a single staff member present thought to hand President Obama a pair of chopsticks so he could catch the fly like Mr. Miyagi in "Karate Kid" and wrap up the Asian-American vote, while simultaneously holding on to the PETA voting block.

Either they can say "No insects were harmed in the filming of the Great Master's show of brilliance" and the fly was an amazing actor (notice how not even a single eyelid was moving in the slightest over any of the 5,000 eyelets in his compound eyes as he feigned death) … or he was, in fact, dead.

LukeHandCool (who, while jogging on the beach one day, came upon a woman looking out over the Pacific while balanced on one foot in the Karate Kid's "Praying Mantis" stance, and who immediately thought, "Crazy Lefty").