(By Michael Alan)

When retired NFL quarterback legend Brett Favre was first suspected in 2010 of having a habit of “sexting” the female hosts provided to him at venues his team visited, specifically the Jets’ Jenn Sterger in 2008, he was immediately put under investigation by the NFL.

In the case of Congressman Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi has finally bowed to political pressure and called for an ethics investigation of Weiner a full 11 days after he publicly tweeted the lewd photo that you’ve all surely seen by now. And the Democratic leadership still seems content with not sanctioning Weiner for his behavior and prominent Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer are even saying things like “[Weiner] remains a talented and committed public servant.”

In fact, in the Favre case, even after their investigation found that Favre had not violated the code he agreed to (which basically means the sexting didn’t affect his play on the field), the NFL still fined him $50,000 for, among other attempts at skirting his investigation, “consistently refusing to answer reporters’ questions about the allegations. He said early on that he had enough to worry about with [his team’s] next opponent.” Gee, doesn’t that line sound familiar?

Well, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that even the NFL–of all places–still has higher standards than the Democrats in Congress, should I?

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