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The Conservatory lands, too

The Conservatory lands, too

Or is it “takes off”? 

Whatever, two of my favorite bloggers, Dan Collins and Joy McCann, have launched The Conservatory:

The Conservatory is meant to be a lot more than a news-aggregation site: it’s intended to provide free-market types with a sense of community, which can be sorely lacking for many of us.

We will offer right-minded folks a place to get together and engage in online fellowship. Though our emphasis is on communications, new media, books, and video/films, we also serve as a place for think tanks and traditional publications to make their presences known.

At the end of the day, most of us would rather do business with people who share our values. And we all know plenty of people in creative fields who won’t use their real names for any activity or event that’s considered too “free markety.” The potential impact on their professional lives would be too dire. This is a shame; our site aims to connect people who have useful new media talents with the folks who can use their services, while providing news and commentary, and pointing the “lay reader” to some of the best memes and information out there.

Be sure to check them out.


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Haven’t been able to comment in a while. Congrats on what seems to be a pretty seamless move.

Love the blog.