The buzz is that Rick Perry has hired away some former Newt senior campaign staffers, and is giving serious consideration to jumping in the race.

I truly don’t know much about him.  So tell me about Rick Perry.

Updates:  Since we’re having comment function problems, I’ll post selective e-mails from readers who have been shut out.  I have no feeling for or against Perry yet, so don’t take these posted comments as reflecting my view.  A reader writes:

I tried to leave a comment under “So tell me about Rick Perry” but I couldn’t get it to work… grrr!

Here is my comment- hope it helps 🙂

Im a native Texan and have voted for Governor Rick Perry 3 times. He’s not perfect- no candidate is. But if the election comes down to jobs and business growth (and it will), Perry has no equal. The guy is literally a job-creating machine.  He’s in a unique positon to unify and excite the GOP. He can easily rally Tea Partiers with plenty of down-home red meat. He’s also experienced and well-connected enough to bring a lot of establishment support with him.
He’s a good extemporaneous speaker, full of charisma, and is immensely likeable. He connects with people very well. He’ll take some heat for the TTC and Guardasil, but he’s weathered those storms here and crushed his opposition. He’s got something of a teflon quality I have not seen since Reagan.

This might be the best way to sum him up: Rick Perry is the anti-Obama.  Do a quick search on “Texas economy”, and you’ll see what Im talking about.

Buckle up, folks. This race is about to get exciting – finally.

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