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She Lies

She Lies

From Glenn Kessler of WaPo:

One can certainly raise serious questions about whether the Republican plan is adequately funded and, over time, would shift too much of the financial burden to beneficiaries. One could also question whether the elderly would be eager to navigate different choices for their health-care coverage, compared to the much simpler system that now exists. There are certainly details in the GOP plan, which has not been drafted as actual legislation, that need to be addressed. But Wasserman Schultz is jumping to conclusions — not to mention scaremongering metaphors — to describe provisions in the GOP Medicare plan that just do not exist.

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The Ryan Plan does not throw people to the wolves. I know. As someone who has long advocated extensive wolf-tossing, his plan doesn't even come close to implementing that policy. Which is why I'll be voting third party next time around.

Living in Florida I've probably seen a bit more of W-S than others. She's slightly less offensive than Allen Grayson, but not much. I think that the Dems have jumped the shark. They continue to pick their leadership based on seniority and money-raising ability, consequently the leadership reflects small enclaves that are highly partisan and quite out of step with the country.

"would shift too much of the financial burden to beneficiaries"

Um… except ALL of the financial burden is ALWAYS on the beneficiaries.

The choice is… pay for your health care… or have a bureaucrat tax you to pay for less health care.

Libs are right that the entire Medicare system can be fixed by eliminating "waste, fraud, and abuse"… they just fail to realize that Medicare as a whole exactly fits the definition of WFA that needs to be eliminated.

THAT'S how you control costs.

+1 to Captain Obvious. The only way for some of the beneficiaries to get their benefits without paying Fair Market Value for them, is to have others pay more for their benefits than they get.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul seems to be pretty popular with Paul….