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She Is

She Is

Sarah Palin passed on the opportunity to make the kind of insulting comments about Michele Bachmann made by Bachmann’s campaign adviser Ed Rollins about Palin.

When asked (@4:35) whether Bachmann was qualified to be President, Palin answered “she is.”

She is classy, and understands that the way to defeat Obama — regardless of who does it — is not by insulting and demeaning other Republican candidates.

All in all, an excellent interview.

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I thought it was a very good interview. I can't wait for the news cycle after she announces.

It was an excellent interview, and Palin was her usual courageous self. As for Bachmann's qualification, under the Constitution, she is indeed qualified to be POTUS. However, does she have the executive experience that Sarah has? Not at all.

Everyone say it together:

(Anyone But Obama)

Bravo, Sarah! Bravo, Professor!

I'm certain that Obama-Palin would be a landslide for Palin. Fertility, optimism, patriotism, dynamism, authenticity, courage are primary human virtues that beat weakness, deviousness, evasiveness, lies and cowardice.

Bachmann, Bachmann, Bachmann. You want to repeal Roe vs Wade? That is what you spent your airtime on with Blitzer? You are silent on the question of whether or not a doctor should be charged with a crime for performing abortions? Is that what we are headed to if you are voted in? I watched you get maimed in that interview, but you don't even know it. I'll bet Ed knows it. Bachmann, baby, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but NOT ALL conservatives are Christian social conservatives. Tea Party values, for me, are about fiscal responsibility, more liberty, and constitutional accountability. Note nothing was said about social positions, other than "more liberty". There are a lot of people like me who think that there are about a trillion more things going on in this country right now are more important than fighting for Christian social policies. I am a Christian, but we won't even have a country left if we start talking about abortion at this point. More social conservatism battles? There are SO MANY SO MANY SO MANY things that are NOT socially conservative that we need to tackle RIGHT NOW!! Who cares about gay marriage? Abortion? Is that REALLY what you think needs to be addressed right now with everything else burning right now? Good grief. Give me someone who sees the State of the Union as it is right now, not what they would like it to be. Watching this lady not comment on if abortion doctors should be locked up took me right back to the mid nineties. Better than Obama, though. Better than Obama.