The tactic which has come into vogue, particularly for SEIU protests, is to go to your opponents’ home to protest, even if it means frightening the children in the house.

Pro-illegal immigrant groups in Rhode Island have taken it one step further, not only protesting in front of the home of Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, but also knocking on neighbors’ doors in protest of Rhode Island’s participation in the federal Secure Communities Program.

As detailed here before, Governor Linc Chafee and a host of others want to turn Rhode Island into a sanctuary state, refusing even to participate in the Secure Communities Program which requires that fingerprints for all people arrested on other charges be sent to Homeland Security for an immigration status check.  The feds say localities cannot opt out, and AG Kilmartin supports the program as a way of getting criminals out of the community.

Chafee has tried to prevent Rhode Island’s participation even after a plea from the victim of a kidnapping and rape committed by an illegal alien.

Kilmartin, however, campaigned on a promise to participate in the Secure Communities Program, and as a result, Kilmartin has been targeted for protest as reported in The Providence Journal:

On the afternoon of May 1, nearly 200 people in school buses arrived at the Pawtucket home of Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin. But the event was hardly a school picnic.
Carrying signs that said, “Racist Policies Not in the Public Interest,” the activists demonstrated against Kilmartin’s implementation of the controversial federal Secure Communities program, aimed at identifying and deporting the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants.

They visited Kilmartin’s neighbors, knocking on doors along Armistice Boulevard and handing out leaflets asking them to pressure Kilmartin to “rethink” his policy.

To his credit, Kilmartin is not intimidated:

Kilmartin, who pledged during his campaign that he would pursue Secure Communities here, said in a phone interview, “The governor can say or do whatever position he wants to take. The fact is, it’s in the purview of the attorney general to sign on or not sign on to the program, not the governor.”

As to the demonstration outside his house, Kilmartin said, “You know what? It’s everyone’s right to protest. What I will tell you is, I believe it’s inappropriate to go to someone’s home and protest. If they thought it was going to sway me, that’s not the way to do it.”

Thiis new tactic is no surprising, considering that Obama extolled people to argue with their neighbors, and get in their faces.  It’s the attitude which has come to epitomize the angry left.

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