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Obama to Assad: “Reform” is the New “Now Means Yesterday”

Obama to Assad: “Reform” is the New “Now Means Yesterday”

We have set the bar so low for how the international community deals with the bloodshed in Syria, that even Bashar Assad probably can meet it:

The United States said Wednesday that Syria’s release of political prisoners “does not go far enough,” adding that all such inmates should be freed and the government should undertake reform.

“The release of some political prisoners is not the release of all political prisoners. We need to see all political prisoners released,” State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

“And we need to see an end to the violence that Syrian forces have been continually carrying out against civilian populations, and then we need to see meaningful movement towards reform,” he said.

He also called on the Syrian government to engage the opposition “in a meaningful way and listen to their concerns and attempt to address them.”

When I saw this report of a deal between the U.S. and Russia to trade Russian support for getting rid of Gadaffi for U.S. support to keep Assad in power, I tended not to believe it. 

But I’m beginning to believe it.

For Bashar Assad, “reform” is the new “now means yesterday.”

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Don't forget that this administration supported and facilitated the return of ousted former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. If they don't mind selling out our allies, why wouldn't they sell out people who are only "potential" allies? He wouldn't help the Iranian people.

What is worse, being his friend or being his enemy?

Assad is Baathist, same as Saddam was. Baathists are socialists/communists/secular mohammedan and Assad is secular shi'ite Baathis, in the Russian/totalitarian orbit from the start. Liar-in-Chief is socialist/communist/secular shi'ite. Brothers, with Chavez, PRC, Iran, etc. Charade. Imperialist posturing. Effrontery. US/Russian totalitarians carving up the ME, picking winners/losers under rubric of "developing tomorrow leaders for the world." c.f Phelps-Stokes foundation. Chutzpah/diversion from domestics so subjugations may continue un-remarked. Losing game. A Mensch long since had consigned Assad to hell.

Part of the problem is that Ehud Barak, the former Labor PM in Israel and now part of Netanyahu's new ruling coalition, insists that the Syrians are willing to make peace. Netanyahu doesn't buy this, but since Barak is a lefty and so is Hillary, the US tends to lean toward giving Syria a pass.

As long as Syria plays a semi-moderate role in the Arab/Israeli tussle, I'm guessing that there'll be strong elements in Israel, and hance, DC, not wanting to tip over the applecart.