Yesterday, I wrote about a new Mediscare ad from “Priorities USA,” the SuperPAC created by former Obama campaign National Press Secretary Bill Burton. A SuperPAC is any group that falls under the post-Citizens United fundraising regulations, meaning it can raise unlimited funds from individuals and groups like corporations and labor unions.

Well, look at what I found in this morning’s fundraising email–they’ve been pushing these hard over the last few days, as the FEC’s deadline for second quarter fundraising is tonight–from the President’s campaign:


Midnight tonight is the first big test.

Not just of our campaign. But of our kind of politics.

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, our opponents in this election will be supported by untold millions from anonymous donors, funding the special interests’ relentless campaign to attack the President and distort his record.

What the President has is everyday Americans like you, donating whatever you can afford to support this campaign.

After midnight tonight, we’ll begin preparing our first financial report of this race. And we vitally need to show that our way of practicing politics can’t be defeated.

Please donate $5 now.


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Maybe somebody should have the President tell Bill Burton that his new project isn’t “their way of practicing politics.” If he’s going to misrepresent the facts of the Citizens United ruling to score political points or, in this case, raise money, his campaign (make no mistake, Burton’s group is for all intents and purposes part of the reelection campaign) shouldn’t be taking advantage of the changes it made. But, then again, this is a President who’s been perfectly content exercising gross campaign finance reform hypocrisy in the past.