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NBC News Hires Woman Who Fired Juan Williams

NBC News Hires Woman Who Fired Juan Williams

Just when you thought NBC News could not get any more partisan, somehow, it managed to, via WaPo, NBC News hires ousted NPR president and CEO Vivian Schiller to run digital operation:

NBC News is hiring ousted National Public Radio chief Vivian Schiller to run its digital operation.

Schiller resigned under pressure as NPR president and CEO earlier this year after a conservative activist caught a former NPR fundraiser calling the tea party movement racist. NPR’s management was also criticized last year for how it handled commentator Juan Williams’ firing….

NBC News President Steve Capus said Thursday that Schiller’s background in journalism and experience running a digital operation “will add a strong new pillar to the NBC News management team.”

Schiller ran NPR at the time of the now-infamous Muslim Brotherhood sting operation, which led to her resignation.

She also was the person to fire and defame Juan Williams:

What a cozy little world they have there.

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All Vivian needs to do is change the phone number and address on her business cards. I suppose she can't be quite so blatant in her support of the Democrats.

NBC is racist.
NBC hates blacks and minorities.

There, you now have material for your Saturday night card game.

"What a cozy little world they have there." I'd have added, "Be a shame if something happened to it."
Except something has happened to it. It has been exposed for what it is by the new kids in town. That cozy little world has been shown to be rotten and biased to the core. Oh, and more and more irelavant, too.

Ah, but William…The "infamous" sting operation was shown to be (see not only a contrived set-up but the video was selectively and deceptively edited. Proucer James O'Keefe is not a true journalist (nor even "gonzo" journalist) but a dirty-trickster.
I have no great love of the left-wing media but sometimes we have to be fair (and balanced).

They've rented a shovel in order to dig the hole deeper.