Michele Bachmann should not be enjoying all the praise the Palin haters are throwing her way, for they don’t really mean it, except as a tool to “shut the door” on Palin.  Example:

Doug Mataconis about last night’s debate:

Bachmann is a much better public speaker [than Palin] and, say whatever one might about her ideas, she is able to present them in a much more polished manner than Palin has ever been able to.

Doug Mataconis previously:

Not From The Onion: Michelle Bachmann Mulling Presidential Bid

ABC News is reporting that one of the more bizarre members of the Republican House caucus is thinking about running for President …. Of course, “mulling” a Presidential bid is different from actually running, and even if she actually ran Bachmann would be, at best, a gadfly who got press attention for her outrageous statements. Good for entertainment value, not a serious candidate.

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