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Michele, Ma Belle?

Michele, Ma Belle?

Michele Bachmann should not be enjoying all the praise the Palin haters are throwing her way, for they don’t really mean it, except as a tool to “shut the door” on Palin.  Example:

Doug Mataconis about last night’s debate:

Bachmann is a much better public speaker [than Palin] and, say whatever one might about her ideas, she is able to present them in a much more polished manner than Palin has ever been able to.

Doug Mataconis previously:

Not From The Onion: Michelle Bachmann Mulling Presidential Bid

ABC News is reporting that one of the more bizarre members of the Republican House caucus is thinking about running for President …. Of course, “mulling” a Presidential bid is different from actually running, and even if she actually ran Bachmann would be, at best, a gadfly who got press attention for her outrageous statements. Good for entertainment value, not a serious candidate.

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Yeah, everyone keep their cynical meters on full blast! I think Bachmann did better last night than most people expected, so a change in tone based on her performance is warranted. It's true that she will only get praise until she seems viable, but in a vacuum, I think Mataconis is making a true and valid statement.

I think the idea of saying either Bachmann or Palin is more professional or better spoken than the other is a bunch of bunk. They are both equally susceptible to gaffes and bumbles, its really a matter of how things get covered when they do bumble. Either of them will be attacked relentlessly if they make it to the general election, so stick to whats important, which candidate has the policy positions you agree with. The election isn't gonna be about who misspoke more frequently.

I would vote for either of them. But then, against Barak Obama in the final election- I would vote for Bernie Sanders if it came down to just the two of them because Sanders is more conservative so that isn't saying much really. Just sayin. I would vote for a DOG over Barak Obama. It would do less damage.

I like Bachmann, but she still needs to get rid of Rollins.