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It’s too late for Obama to send in the Marines

It’s too late for Obama to send in the Marines

Spotted on Friday in Ithaca:


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If you want to know whether we’re at war, ask a soldier. If he’s already dead, the answer is ‘yes’.

Best bumper sticker I’ve seen so far this year.

Love the new site, by the way!

I believe this would fall under what your contributor Kathleen labels the “Nirvana Fallacy”. You might want to get your position straight on this blog, either we must accept imperfect solutions because it is unlikely a perfect one exists, or we must change the current solutions because there is a perfect one and this is clearly not it.

common tater | June 26, 2011 at 10:26 am

That sticker sentiment gets used by both sides in the run-up to any election. Anyway, faulting “the system” and not politicians, ideology, incumbency, bureaucracy, corruption (whoa, had to brake myself there) more specifically is how we got into our current Hope and Change mess. Obama Progs set out to change the American Way to Europeanize it, just as our exemplars of social and economic justice were imploding from their unsustainable system.

So far, radically “better” has been the enemy of pretty damn good. My rejoinder sticker: “Our system would works just fine if we’d only quit reconfiguring it.”