Is there any doubt that if Obama could do it on his own, Jerusalem would be divided and Israel forced back to the 1949 armistice borders? 

A point I have made before is that the real danger comes in a second term, when he is freed of electoral pressures.  And don’t think that Congress or public opinion is a complete answer; as Commander in Chief, he has unilateral decision-making authority over decisions which serve as extreme pressure points, and withholding a veto at the U.N., as almost happened in February, could be devastating.

He just doesn’t have the visceral connection almost all other candidates have when it comes to Israel.  It’s an intellectual balancing act for him, electoral necessity balanced against a desire to fulfill the expectations of the Nobel Committee.

A reader forwarded this video of Michele Bachmann to me.  Caroline Glick, of whom I am a big fan, writes that “I cannot remember EVER hearing a more pro-Israel speech by ANY American presidential candidate in my life.”  I don’t know if I’d go that far; I believe that almost every Republican candidate shares this view and some, particularly Sarah Palin, have expressed similar sentiments.

Regardless, this is worth the view: