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How do you fit this in a 30-second TV commercial?

How do you fit this in a 30-second TV commercial?

Or a 1-minute debate answer? That’s the trick isn’t it?

So much has gone wrong, Obama has been so bad, its hard to get your words around it.

(h/t to reader John for the link)


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Obama is falling on his own sword – big time – right now. While he presented that he was adept, it turns out he is nothing but inept.

In addition, the entire Democratic Party is imploding. They are clearly so frustrated with their own failures that they are no longer capable of civilized debate. Their words, absent the dramatic presentation techniques they are increasing employing, ring hollow. They are losing the people of this entire nation due to every single undisputable item in that video.

The Democrats are now desperate. When your message is nothing but fabrications, theatrics, and lies, something is going on. When everything you stood behind was a failure – there are no words that can take that away.

The Democrats are now trying to tell people who are paying $3.75/gal for gas and who have been unemployed for three years that the economy is getting better. They are trying to say that Obamacare is anything but the disaster it really is. The left is making so many absurd assertions that they are ruining their own credibility. I believe the Anthony Weiner scandal will mark the turning point in this debate between regular people with common sense and the Obama left. The Democrats will continue to disintegrate from here on out. Too bad they have done so much damage and wasted so much time.

Remember for the next election, not only are federal, state and local offices important, but lets get rid of the activist judges as well.

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BP non-oil corp American | June 25, 2011 at 10:45 am

Link is not working….

Sharing vid with my circle of closeted conservatives who work in nyc’s ad agencies.

No exaggeration either. Very effective.

I’ll be showing this at our next 912 group meeting. Thank goodness for the smart set we have today that can put this together and get it out to us lowly ground troops. After last night’s late vote to send my favorite Christian professional photographer to the gay marriage wolves when he declines their business, I’m more determined than ever to convince my neighbors of the attack we’re under as individuals.

LukeHandCool | June 25, 2011 at 12:44 pm


LukeHandCool (who would just reiterate … Nice!!!)

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DINORightMarie | June 25, 2011 at 2:10 pm

A truly great debater can do it. Sarah Palin could – but the MSM would attempt to erase it from the record and from the short memories of the audience…..just as they did when she destroyed Biden in the VP debate in 2008. Cleaned his clock. But the MSM erased that. Few remember how well she did, or realize she WON that debate – because the MSM said Biden won. It still outrages me.

The RNC/RNCC/RSC have so many ready to go, no-brainer ads just waiting to be spliced and aired. They really ARE the “stupid party” if they can’t effectively create 30 second bites from this Obamination’s record of destruction. Just splicing the 2008 promises vs. his actions, or contrasting his comments/promises before Obamacare passed vs. after (and the lies he repeated).

Come on – it’s easy to see!! And obviously others are putting together some sophisticated video to show them the way. Just the last 30 seconds of that video, prior to the political cartoon, would make an excellent, effective ad. Anyone out there….any Republican? Anyone? Bueller?

If Sara Palin enters the race, such effective ads WILL happen. Because that is her style – stating truth, exposing lies, and giving Conservative alternatives that are proven to WORK. And she is media savvy, and new media savvy. Despite the memes they try to destroy her with, she has the smarts, the conviction, and the cojones to do it. She fights to win.

But – will the Left allow them to be aired? That is their SOP, to block airtime of truthful, effective ads. Alinsky 101. We’ll see…..

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BP non-oil corp American | June 26, 2011 at 2:08 am

Link works on pc, meh not on a direct iPhone link.

Video is needed to be shown to the people who voted for hope.

WAJ most excellent blog, keep up the improvements.

Love it!

Thanks for sharing.

[…] video has already been featured at Legal Insurrection and iOwntheworld so I’m a little late to the […]

[…] video has already been featured at Legal Insurrection and iOwntheworld so I’m a little late to the […]