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Hey Ed Rollins, you deal with it

Hey Ed Rollins, you deal with it

Your candidate is getting the predictable Palin-treatment, but of course, you have so pissed off Palin supporters, you deal with it.  After all, you are a serious campaign consultant.

Michele Bachmann’s Holy War, at Rolling Stone, has this image accompanying the article, which says pretty much all you need to know:


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Remember the saying; “you are what you eat”? Well, IMO, you are who you hire.

I don’t mean the worker bees, I mean your Chief of Staff and your Press Liaison, those kind of people.

It said a lot about McCain and who he hired and how did that turn out.

Any Republican that hires ex-democrats (unless they provide credentials that PROVE they’ve had a change of heart [I would be very, very suspicious]) has questionable judgment and is operating under the assumption that somehow Democrats are the LOYAL opposition.

They’re NOT. They’re antagonists and they ARE THE MAIN PROBLEM in D.C. (along with the RINO’S but I repeat myself)

I don’t want someone like Boehner or Hatch or McCain or Graham or any of dozens of professional pols just going along to get along as President. It’s OK for the House and somewhat OK for the Senate but I want a hardcore capitalist, free market, non governmental intrusionist for

And No, I don’t care if moderates or Independents poll showing they’ll vote for them.

Someone with integrity, guts and determination. With a vision of how the country should be and what Government SHOULDN’T do.

So far no one in the running has shown enough of those qualities.

Palin supporters have been saying this since 2008. EVERY Republican that runs for president will receive the Palin-treatment. I’m just surprised that they’re starting now instead of waiting until she started really getting noticed and then destroy her…like a cat playing with its food.

DINORightMarie | June 22, 2011 at 5:21 pm

I cannot believe the evil tripe that Rolling Stone has put into that article! It is almost more vicious and demented than the PDS poison articles I’ve read. Almost.

How these people can print this without being slapped with defamation suits is beyond me. The law school Bachmann attended is slandered – they should take up the mantle and require a complete retraction or threaten a suit. I know Bachmann can’t, just as Palin never can, because if she did, they would pound the drum of “she’s SOOOOOOO thin-skinned”. That is the power of Alinsky’s tactics; either way, you are scr*wed.

Sickening. Even if Bachmann has a loser like Rollins on her payroll, this type of Alinsky-style character assassination must be stopped. The Republicans must face this head-on, since EVERY ONE of their candidates will face this poison. Every single one.

The RNC should demand a retraction, an apology, and refute every single LIE in that hit piece.

I know. I know. Crickets. *sigh*

Pasadena Phil | June 22, 2011 at 5:29 pm

This is also the kind of slander that the Rove/Bush people were casting last November against conservative GOP candidates in AK, NV, DE, and CA. Ed Rollins is not even a stone’s throw from that crowd and he is already inside the campaign.

I am really suspicious about Bachmann. I can’t help but suspect that she has already cut a deal to be the VP pick for whatever Democrat eventually secures the GOP nomination.

common tater | June 22, 2011 at 5:50 pm

That Holy Bible must have a doozy inscribed on its back, like “Made in Astana” or something.

I’d say “amen” to Pasadena Phil’s comment, but that would just rile the progressives even more and we certainly don’t want them upset going into the election. Do we?

Cowboy Curtis | June 22, 2011 at 6:55 pm

Ann Coulter and Breitbart wear cartoons like that as badges of honor. Republicans ought to take a lesson from that. Don’t get outraged, embrace and ridicule. If I were Dick Chenny, I’d have a full size Darth Vader in my office and living room. Hell, I’d have it on my business cards.

I’ve long believed that Republicans need to stop counter-punching and start punching, and one of the their targets should be the conventional corporate media.

Dismiss the Rolling Stone’s nonsense with a wave of your hand and ask why the Washington Post reporter, who just admitted he was an illegal alien with fraudulent documents, hasn’t been fired yet? Why haven’t the management people at the Post who knew his situation been fired?

for example, no matter what the subject matter of the interview, or who is giving it, they should interrupt the interviewer and ask them why the reporter and his enablers shouldn’t be fired? How do they square that dishonesty with journalistic ethics?

You set the terms of the debate by punching. we’ve seen that with Palin’s Death Panels and Breitbat’s stuff, silly as it was. Don’t let them define what can and can not be said.

Don’t hit back twice as hard — swing for the jaw first.

Ooops, in my last strike “silly as it was”. That was left over from when I was using Trump and not Breitbart as an example.

Pasadena Phil | June 22, 2011 at 8:03 pm

“ambisinistral | June 22, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Don’t hit back twice as hard — swing for the jaw first.”

Good idea. He may be a Ballchinian.

We probably need to start ridiculing the nuts at places like Rolling Stone for actually being scared that Michelle Bachmann is going to burn people at the stake. Seriously. These morons are stuck in the seventeenth century. Maybe we should ask them how many of their friends and family members were burned at the stake by some guy with a Bible in his hand, and whether their hearts lurch unpleasantly in their chests whenever they check in to a hotel and discover a Gideon’s Bible in a bureau drawer. Boy, those Christians sure are scary, aren’t they? OH LOOK THERE’S A GUY WITH A CRUCIFIX OMG RUN!!!! LOL.

Less outrage and more ridicule for stuff like this, please. 🙂 These nitwits don’t deserve to be taken seriously, so laugh at them. In public. A lot.

Pasadena Phil | June 22, 2011 at 8:43 pm

If you know who Will Durant was (arguably the greatest historian human civilization ever), he wrote a serious of “best of” essays published in magazines in the 1960s and 70s. These essays were compiled by John Little and published in 2002 in a book called “The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time”, absolutely must reading.

In the chapter “Twelve Most Vital Dates in History”, he listed the birth of Jesus Christ as number six. It is short and considering he probably wrote this 40-50 years ago when no one knew what a jihad was, I thought it would be interesting to post that entry in its entirety.

“6.- ? B.C. The Birth of Jesus Christ.

The date the reader may place ad. lib., since no man knows it. For us it is the most important date of all, because it divides all history in the West, gives us our greatest hero and model, provides us with that body of myth and legend which is now passing from the theological to the literary stage, and marks the beginning of the Christian age which seems today to be approaching its close. After us the deluge; God knows what a mess of occult faiths will in the present century replace the tender and cruel theologies that praised and dishonored Christ.”

Number 7 was the death of Mohammed and I won’t quote from it but will note that he described Islam as a barbaric and violent religion and referred to non-Muslims sarcastically (in retrospect) as “infidels”.

I hadn’t realized until I researched this book that Durant was a former Catholic who wrote a great deal about the critical importance of Christianity in defining Western civilization.

Every writer for Rolling Stone that ever there was has tried to emulate the “gonzo journalism” style of Hunter S. Thompson, but the level of paranoia required of to inspire Thompson eventually led to suicide by rifle bullet.

Gonzo journalism itself is amazing because no facts or source citation are permitted in the stories. How can we forget the character assassination of Gen. Stanley McChrystal?

When this article goes the way of all bad journalism, another notch of paranoia will appear on the sanity belt of Matt Taibbi who even emulates Gonzo Thompson’s bent to write weird sports columns. Strangely, Taibbi cannot write without an insulting drawing from Victor Juhasz that is a prominent part of each biased piece that is published. Lock and Load!

Michelle Bachmann has by now been thoroughly baptized in the river of piss and vinegar that is liberal journalism — so Rolling Stone will only help her.

From the Washington Times:

“Fresh off her well-received performance in last week’s GOP presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann now tops the field of candidates in a new Zogby poll of Republican primary voters.

The poll found Mrs. Bachmann garnering 24 percent of the vote, well-ahead of businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who each received 15 percent support.”

Looks like Rolling Stone is trying to drum up links to its articles by shocking the audience. Its like somebody else’s 2-year old, that just started talking, walking around spouting out swears to get reactions.

I like Bachmann but I’m wondering about her judgment in hiring someone like Rollins. It should be very interesting if Palin decides to run.