I posted the other day about a reader having the new url (www.legalinsurrection.com) blocked at work as a porn site, whereas the prior “.blogspot.com” address was not.  (Some government-employed readers previously wrote that all “.blogspot.com” addresses were blocked depending upon the agency, but that was not specific to me.)

I think I know why.  The computers are too smart for their own good, and are not distinguishing between “insurrection” and something that sounds like it.   For whatever the reason, the “.blogspot.com” part used to fool the computer, but now that “…insurrection” is freestanding, it’s a problem.

A reader was successful in getting Amtrak to remove the site from the blocked list merely by calling to its attention that this is a politics and law website, not a porn website.

If you encounter these filters blocking the site, please either notify the administrator/software company to correct the problem or if you are not comfortable with that, send me a screen shot and I will do so.