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Funny How It Took A Federal Indictment For Us To Hear About It

Funny How It Took A Federal Indictment For Us To Hear About It

This does not fit the narrative, so we heard very little from the national media about anti-Black racism among Mexican gangs until this federal indictment was unveiled (h/t @GabrielMalor):

A Latino gang conspired to rid a Southern California city of its black residents through intimidation, threats and violence dating back to the early 1990s to exert its influence and show its loyalty to the Mexican Mafia prison gang, according to a federal racketeering indictment unsealed Tuesday.

More than 50 people were charged as authorities made early morning raids targeting the Varrio Azusa 13 gang. Federal prosecutors said the gang, which has about 400 members or associates, engaged in a host of crimes ranging from drug trafficking to hate crimes that have hobbled Azusa, a city of about 45,000 residents near Los Angeles….

The crackdown is the latest effort by law enforcement to cripple Latino gangs that have targeted blacks in the Los Angeles area.

We should not be quick to generalize the problem, but clearly there is a problem fed at least in part by Mexican gangs who are involved in illegal human and drug trafficking.

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I really hadn't focused on the absence of news on this, but when I was living in Los Angeles (1984 – 2007) I watched it become a serious, and fairly often reported locally, problem. I'd be surprised if any one living in southern California had not heard about this.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, had a WHITE gang "conspired to rid a Southern California city of its black residents through intimidation, threats and violence," we would have heard a lot about this. Like daily, non-stop coverage.

No surprise to me, I`ve said right along, "…there`s no love lost between the Black community and the Latino community…"

Blacks are a rarity in Mexico.

For all the bluster from Castro about an equal colorless society, Blacks today in Cuba make up the low end of the economical scale.

The deportation of Latinos has increase under Obama.

Racism is something that is problematic in all gangs, actually, including white and black supremacist gangs and Asian gangs, but you're right, we don't hear about it too often.

Personally, I think that this is a large part of the problem with leftists and their identity politics and "multiculturalism." There are real dangers in creating (what are essentially old-school) "separate but equal" racial "groups" and ensuring that there is both class and race warfare going on. Social unrest of this kind is not uncommon when you stir hate and disunity among members of a large, culturally-diverse society . . . and attack anyone who dares to be "disloyal" to their assigned group. Focusing on us all being Americans is a far better approach that would help to minimize these racial tensions, but there go all those neat little voting blocks the left panders to for votes.

I'm shocked, shocked to find racism going on here!

Arch eyebrows, form "O" with lips, raise fingers to cover mouth and say "The nerve of them, to be racist against their Black Brother."

For crying out loud, do we really think that all non-Whites get along? Racism is rampant in Mexico, where fair-skinned models and actresses are preferred over dark-skinned versions. Hispanics only exist north of the Rio Grande, south of there they have distinct national and ethnic groups, many of whom don't like each other. The Blacks and Democrats will use Hispanics, but that doesn't mean they like each other.

Thirty years ago , or more, when I was in college in Colorado I came across this interesting anthropological situation. If a high school had sizable numbers of Blacks, Whites and Hispanics, one of two things happened. If there were more Blacks than Hispanics, the Whites would be allies with the Hispanics. Inter-racial dating between Whites and Hispanics was tolerated by Whites and Hispanics, but other combinations were not. If there were more Hispanics than Blacks, then inter-racial dating between Blacks and Whites was tolerated by Blacks and Whites, and other combinations were not. In both cases, the odd race out didn't participate in, or tolerate, inter-racial dating.

Hasn't the California prison system gotten into trouble over segregating prisoners by race? Small wonder why. Why they segregate, and why they got into trouble, regardless of how much sense it makes.

Is it racist to notice the racism of violent minority racists? The things a man will see when he leaves his Progressive Handbook at home….

Regardless, how long before the media starts identifying these as conservative mexican gangs?

this sort of ethnic cleansing has been going on here in the LA area for some years now…

it's just that no one wants to really talk about it and no one is willing to do anything about it.

Highland Park is an area just north of Downtown LA. There's quite a mix of ethnicities in that area, of which a few residents are Black; the majority, however, are Hispanic. Despite the indelible presence of the vile Avenues Gang, there are islands of peace in Highland Park. Regardless, when the Avenues strike it's usually at the behest of the Mexican Mafia, and everyone knows it.

In the first half of the previous decade there was a series of assaults and killings being perpetrated against Black, and some Hispanic, people. These crimes were at first treated as "gang violence." They were dutifully reported by the Univision/Telemundo journalists (Spanish-language news broadcasters in LA). But once these crimes were discovered to have been acts of ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Black victims and their Hispanic "friends," by the Mexican Mafia and carried out by the Avenues, the Spanish-language news outlets were low-key in their reporting. They reported mater of factly and moved on to the next story. The truth shattered their Leftist fantasy of automatic harmony among the minorities. As this post attests, things haven't changed much. And just because the MSM doesn't report these crimes of ethnic cleansing doesn't mean they're not taking place!

P.S. A few years back, Annette Stark wrote about the Mexican Mafia and ethnic cleansing in certain LA neighborhoods in her article titled, " War of a Different Color."

1. But…but…family values don't stop at the Rio Grande!

(Brain dead multiculturalism is not found only on the Left.)

2. …clearly there is a problem fed at least in part by Mexican gangs who are involved in illegal human and drug trafficking.

And the Drug War feeds the Mexican gangs, and the Mexican gangs feed the prison-industrial complex.

When Glenn Reynolds says we have the worst political class in our history, I mentally append 'since the people who gave us Jim Crow', but I'm starting to wonder.

3. Let me get this straight. Foreign intruders come here and drive American citizens out of their homes, and the government, on a bipartisan basis, refuses to secure the borders?

The persecution of blacks by latinos isn't news. It's been happening in Cuba for years. "Castro is a nazi". Discuss.