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Are you kidding me, this is the Chicago Police Superintendent?

Are you kidding me, this is the Chicago Police Superintendent?

A very bizarre attack on federal gun laws (actually the Second Amendment) and Sarah Palin by Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy speaking at Reverend Michael Pleger’s church.

And we wonder why the streets of Chicago are out of control?

(h/t @angelflemming)(full video and transcript here)


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That he’s speaking at Pfleger’s church at all is mildly disturbing.

Pasadena Phil | June 24, 2011 at 8:11 pm

I can’t but wonder if this helps explain why the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over a hundred years. That city is possessed by evil.

This hypocrite speaks out of both sides of his month depending on the crowd.

(h/t SayUncle)

In other words, black people are never responsible for their own actions.

Understand, please, that he is a political appointee and his appointing powers-that-be thoroughly believe everything coming from his lying mouth. Ergo, he must believe/say/enact those same attitudes, too. He no longer has any character or ethics. Lost those after his second promotion. This is a fact of life all over the country. Ignore what sheriffs and chiefs say. It means nothing and is only said to further [salvage] their careers. Yes, it is a sad state of affairs.

We probably need a web site for LE administrators/supervisors. We could maybe call it “Le-gal Pros-ti-tu-tion”.

“See, let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting’ scared? Government sponsored racism.”

See, I was thinking “the Democratic Party”… which, I suspect, is one of many reasons why I wasn’t offered that speaking gig.

[…] Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy who uses race (and his position as Police Superintendent) to push his radical gun control agenda and what you have is a pretty nasty fleecing of the African-American […]

Another thing that gets me is this 25 year veteran of law enforcement (at about 2:25) is saying how he was “walking over shell casings…bullets…they were getting caught up in my shoes…”

Excuse me Superintendent, a rookie I’m training knows to not walk across a crime scene like that…you got stuff called evidence and we kinda like it undisturbed until the crime scene unit comes over, takes photo’s, documents where the bullets are, etc. It’s called processing a crime scene which an investigator and district attorney (you know, the lawyers who prosecute the crimes) like to handle the case. If you are not familiar with this process I suggest you get to your CSU and have them educate you.

Is this what should be expected from the top of the Chicago PD now?

The concept of “officer survival” has a completely different meaning in most police departments once you are a Lt. or above.

This guy is totally correct when he says no one wants to hear what he has to say. The reason, however, is not because he has so bravely exposed institutional racism in America, but because he has the intellect of a snail and his deductive reasoning is about three levels below that of Charlie the Tuna.

How is it that all of the (many) guns in the hands of suburban white America are not somehow correlated with massive numbers of shell casings in the streets of suburbia along with senseless gun crimes and massive numbers of dead white kids in the streets?

I submit that the problems they are having in Chicago are attributable to the Democratic Party’s policies over the decades that have perpetuated the cycle of ignorance and poverty in the lower class communities. Those people who are killing one another faster than McDonalds is making Happy Meals, have been left to rot in the ghettos as the failed subjects of the socialist’s deplorable experiment. When you isolate people from the negative consequences of their own behavior, (by giving them free money for behaving poorly) they fail to develop the traits that one can abundantly see in successful sectors of our society.

How is it possible that the Asian kids consistently manage to obtain the highest SAT scores, despite the fact that they are yellow skinned, if racism has been institutionalized in America?

LukeHandCool | June 25, 2011 at 12:09 am

“Why wasn’t she [Palin] at the crime scene with me?”

I knew Chicago could be cold, but I didn’t know it was part of Alaska.

LukeHandCool (who, if he were doing the casting for the latest sequel to Lindsay Lohan’s 2004 ode to high school cliques genre classic, “Mean Girls,” would definitely have the Chicago Police Superintendent on the short list to play Lindsay’s high school mean-girl nemesis, regardless of his acting ability, seeing as his general cattiness appears unrivaled).

It’s ironic that a black president (well, half black) is actually promoting racism at every turn. Since his election, it seems as though we’re going backwards. How sad.

I live in Chicago. I almost fell over while reading his remarks. Then I read about the “group of teens”, call it wilding–if you like–, 50 of them, raiding the Walgreen’s on Michigan Avenue. Not the first time. How this man was chosen to be police superintendent is beyond my ken. Why is he even speaking at St. Sabina Church–bowing at the altar of Phleger? We are now the only state in the nation that doesn’t allow concealed carry. Yeah, no worries here…/s

VetHusbandFather | June 25, 2011 at 11:17 am

1) Political Rhetoric is not responsible at any church. His tirade has nothing to do with advancing the relationship between that church body and their heavenly creator, and instead promote distrust and hatred of their fellow man (in this case the gun makers that are getting rich off of supposedly killing their children).

2) As Ipso Facto said, the guns are not the cause of their problems. Some may be attributed to the poverty and the failed social experiment, but I would also suggest that it can also be blamed on the culture in these urban centers. A culture that glorifies gang violence, misogyny, and drug use in both music and media. Compare poor urban communities to poor rural communities. People are just as poorly educated, and guns are far more prevalent, but these communities do not have nearly the same level of gun violence. All the money and all the education in the world will not redefine what is considered socially acceptable behavior in these communities. There is no correlation between strict gun laws and reduced violence. Fix your own problems instead of blaming them on someone else.

3) Sarah Palin? What? You are the superintendent of the Chicago Police, she is media personality in Alaska. What business would she even have being at a crime scene in Chicago. Are you really having so much trouble doing your own job that you would like to place the blame on someone that lives over 3000 miles away.

The problem is not guns. Predating that weapon, people in the “hood” carried knives, screw drivers, box cutters, and other weapons. Many likely still do today.

The problem isn’t racism anymore. It was when it started with shoving intact families into segregated public housing, but after several generations of losing normal social behaviors, fatherless homes, teen pregnancy, isolation from the middle class, lack of upwardly mobile jobs, and inferior substandard schools, the damage has been done.

What’s missing from his speech is holding the actual party responsible for the devastation of urban families and areas. That should be laid at the door of Democrats, since they’ve controlled Chicago for decades.

The failed social experiment (too much welfare for exhibiting behavior that is detrimental to one’s self and society in general) IS THE CAUSE of the deterioration of the culture in the inner city lower class families. While blacks were poor in the early part of this century, they had very strong families. When welfare got out of control and provided an incentive to have children out of wedlock, their families disintegrated because they no longer had to stay together to pay the bills and raise their children.

Stephen Karpman developed the rescue triangle which elegantly explains how “helping” people, when it relieves them from being responsible for their own lives, only makes people resentful and they inevitably turn around and persecute their rescuers. While this model was developed to explain the behavior of individuals, I see no reason why it doesn’t equally apply to groups.

Thus, with good intentions, (and trying to build up a political constituency) the Democrats came in and “rescued” the urban poor and we can now see the unintended consequences. By relieving too many people from being responsible for their own lives the Democrats synthesized an entire culture of people who were devoid of motivation to improve their plot in life. They next became resentful of people of accomplishment. This culture now relegates people to lives of little hope, and they have thus embraced infidelity, crime (hence all the guns), and have little interest in intellectualization because it represents the dominant culture towards which they clearly feel hostility.

Make no mistake, crime in the inner city black communities is a direct product of the failed socialist experiment that not only ruined countless lives, but has produced an entitlement which has slowly been killing our economy. Today, the Democrats hate to rectify this problem because it would diminish their constituency. That is why I said that what they have done is deplorable.

“…the intellect of a snail and his deductive reasoning…”

My first thought. A synapse misfiring in their somewhere. (What’s scarier is the approving crowd around him.)

“The failed social experiment…” Thanks, Ipso. It was nice to have that idiot’s blather countered in my head by reading your intelligent comment. You realize we tried to cure welfare with child support from unwed men, followed by parenting rights for unwed men, all of which in turn had the iatrogenic effect of further denigrating marriage. (Where are the think tanks?) Oh dear, I’m lapsing back into bigot mode…

A more thorough analysis and exposure of McCarthy’s history of perfidy is now up at PJM via this post. It’s worse than I said.