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We get it, you went down to Yasgur’s farm and joined in a rock and roll band

We get it, you went down to Yasgur’s farm and joined in a rock and roll band

Thanks to a reader for this car spotted in Roxbury, NJ.

Usually people in Jersey are more subtle than this, so I’m quite surprised at the ostentatious display.

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Pretty sure that is evidence of mental illness.

They better hope they never have to sell that. They've taken $4,000 off the resale value just from the stickers. (unless they find another capitalist hippie to sell it to. But that would be like CONFORMIST MAN!)

P.S. Analyzing the stickers, I have determined that this vehicle is owned by a woman, over 50, earth mother type who owns a tattoo parlor and has extensive ink, a pendulous bosom, secretary's ass, smokes dope, dropped acid, is a member of NOW, CODE PINK and NARAL. Divorced and thinks she HIP and WITH IT (although her younger 'friends' don't think so). Hangs out at younger scenes (the 'youths' tolerate it because she's got money), has 2 kids (girl and boy, 23+ and 26+ respectively) and annoys the hell out of her children and everyone around her.

I love the juxtaposition of the "Love One Another" and "World Peace" stickers with the "Back Off" sticker that has Yosemite Sam brandishing a gun. I also love how people who want us to "Coexist" can think so many other people "Suck"….

sort of runic rhyme | May 7, 2011 at 9:08 am

She sure likes ink!

Since there's no way she can eyeball out the back or side windows, I imagine she navigates by Ouiji board or Crazy 8 ball.

That person is definitely craving attention. One thing's for sure, if you're next to her or behind her at a light, you won't get bored.

with sort of runic rhyme… I would think she gets quite a few tickets, don't they have obstructed view laws in New Jersey???

That car would fit right in with the other moonbatmobiles in Taos, NM.

Seriously…no one here would even bat an eyelash if that drove by.

Isn't that vehicle a hazard with all those stickers blocking the driver's view?

I came across a parked car with even more stickers than that one on my way back to the office from lunch a couple weeks ago. I immediately thought of Legal Insurrection and cursed myself for not being able to photograph it.

Nonetheless, this one is pretty darn impressive.

I caught a buzz just looking at that car.

Did you notice the "WWII Greatest Generation" sticker? IMO the only saving grace. Stuck in the Sixties much.
But yeah, that has got to be a hazard covering the window like that.

Found another sticker for your car,

but the adhesive doesn't feel sticky enough, soooo..

Please make sure any and all occupants are away from vehicle before affixing sticker..

But…..where's the Obama 08 sticker?! Oh, she prefers Garcia…. Got it.

Seriously, I've seen one here in VA that was worse. A Volvo wagon covered with Communist stickers – really, red flags with hammer and sickle, China's flag, down with Capitalism…..etc. All over the car, like this one – only more! Haven't seen it lately; I've been looking for it, to take pictures for your collection!

Couldn't be someone originally from Jersey. Must be Vermont transplant:-)

This would be a perfect person to run into wearing one of these.

My (4'10") wife's favorite shirt.

(no commercial ties, no financial interest, yada yada)