JoAnne Kloppenburg’s recount quest has been the glittery coach to which Wisconsin Democrats have hitched their hopes and dreams, after the devastating loss to David Prosser.

As we have documented here over the past several weeks, the recount has shown little change from the election night and canvass vote counts.  Despite all the talk from Team Kloppenburg and its supporters, there is no evidence that “ballot bag security” issues affected the vote count in any material way.

The claims of election fraud being raised by Team Kloppenburg are so irrational that even the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Government Accountability Board have said enough already.

The last county to complete its recount is Waukesha, which is expected to finish today, and soon thereafter the GAB will certify the recount.

Once the GAB certifies that the recount shows that David Prosser won, the dream of Wisconsin Democrats that Kloppenburg will carry them off into a life happily ever after will end, except for those who truly do believe that fairy tales can come true.

Update:  As of yesterday, with the recount done in all but one city in Waukesha, Prosser unofficially led by 7,006 votes.

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