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The Vote Is In, Expect An Early November 2012 Surprise

The Vote Is In, Expect An Early November 2012 Surprise

The vote is in from this weekend’s reader poll.

The poll asked readers for their opinion as to when Hollywood would release the star-studded major motion picture RAID ON ABBOTTABAD – How Barack Obama and a Team of Navy SEALS Changed the Course of History.

BigFurHat even prepared a prototype movie poster.
There were five possible answers, including “none of the above,” carefully constructed and randomly sequenced so as to be politically neutral and not to lead the reader to a particular answer.
856 votes were cast, and the clear winner with 557 votes was:

“The weekend before the November 2012 election”

I am so not sure what to make of this overwhelming response.  Are you trying to say that Hollywood will do whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected, even an early November surprise?

How cynical of you.

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The only thing wrong with that poster is that Denzel Washington's face wasn't used for BO.

Then again, I'm sure BO wouldn't let anyone take the role of playing him. What else does he have to do besides make a movie? It is election season, after all. Wouldn't want to confuse all the rube dummie idiot voters into voting for Denzel Washington, would you?!

Wouldn't such a movie inflame the Muslim community ?

Just a guy | May 9, 2011 at 9:39 am

I dunno… I've never been a big fan of fiction, and anything the Hollywood sycophants do about this will certainly put it in that category.

sort of runic rhyme | May 9, 2011 at 10:01 am

Let's see:

Dukakis in the tank

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Democrat Congressional ovation

Kerry magic hat/bandaid vet/Winter Soldier "reporting for duty" smart salute

Disqualification of military ballots

Likely Republican ads pitting Obama's pre '08 rhetoric (principled stands?) against military jingoism, war for oil, Gitmo, tribunals, rendition, "enhanced" interrogation, targeted killing, etc., with snippets of him golfing, bowing to enemy autocrats, then hogging the credit for OBL's assassination

Yes, this voter hopes the Dems and Hollywood make the movie.

Should "Raid on Abbotttabad" not acheive the desired results, i'm sure waiting in the wings will be the movie designed around portraying Obama as the best president ever.I am afraid the one thing worse than a community organizer as president, may be one as an x president.

I seem to recall That One saying in 2008 that he wanted Will Smith to portray him in a movie about him. I guess he knew in 2008 this day would come. Arrogant ass!

Even more cynical. I believe that had Wikileaks not named the critical courier two weeks ago, Obama would have waited more than the past nine months since learning of Osama's whereabouts, to launch to operation to kill Osama in October, 2012.

cassandra lite | May 9, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Well, unless they make the prez a SEAL/commando the way Bill Pullman as prez was a former fighter pilot who again takes to the air in Independence Day, the script is stuck with a passive character in the middle. Which is suicide for any film. The best they can do is have him stand up against his advisors and say, "Whatever the costs, we have to take the chance," which will be laughed at. Backfire city.

The 2012 election wasn't about Osama bin Laden before.

It won't be about Osama bin Laden now.