Despite the fact that it is nowhere near a tsunami-prone area, the German government announced that it will phase out nuclear power over the next decade. Currently, Germany receives roughly a quarter of their energy from nuclear sources and no alternatives were cited in the announcement.

Angela Merkel, whose CDU party lost handedly in spring regional elections, diverted from a previous plan to keep nuclear power in Germany through 2030. As a result of several reactor shutdowns last year, Germany has recently gone from being a net exporter of energy to a net-importer, and this measure will only increase the price of energy (as well as unemployment).

This is a terrible idea. Dirty and expensive coal and gas-powered plants will replace the nuclear reactors (which do not even emit greenhouse gases). Merkel’s coalition claims that “renewable energy” replace the void made by the absence of nuclear power.

I hope the fools who pushed for this are held accountable when they see their utilities go sky high.

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