As of this writing, JoAnne Kloppenburg has not yet announced whether she will file a court challenge to the recently concluded recount, which found her losing (again) by just over 7000 votes.  A court challenge must be filed by Monday Tuesday.

As documented here, Team Kloppenburg repeatedly has made noises about “ballot bag security” problems, despite the vote count changing just slightly and in Kloppenburg’s favor, from the canvass to the recount.  If there were fraud favoring David Prosser, one would have expected a more substantial vote change and a change in favor of Prosser.

While Team Kloppenburg has not yet announced whether it will challenge the recount, this call for volunteers by a self-described social change consultant who has been “heavily involved” in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, certainly indicates that Kloppenburg is not yet done:

As you may know, I’ve been heavily involved in the election integrity work around the WI Supreme Court race.

In the next few days, we need a cadre of people to help with a very specific project: reading the minutes (the official record) of the recount from all 72 counties. Do you think some of your readers would help with this? JoAnne Kloppenburg has until Monday to decide whether or not to seek a judicial review. We need people who can commit at least three hours to this project between now and Saturday, so we can pull together their findings and get them to the campaign in time to inform their decision.

We’re trying to document that enough votes were affected by irregularities to call the outcome of the election into question and indicate the need for judicial review. How are we doing that? By going through the minutes (official record) of the recounts for as many counties as possible, documenting the number of votes affected by each irregularity….

I e-mailed the author asking whether she was working with the Kloppenburg campaign or coordinating the efforts, but have not heard back yet.

The call for volunteers has been linked by Mark Crispin Miller and also spread via Twitter.

The delusion continues.

Update:  I received this response to my e-mail:

The Kloppenburg campaign is aware of our project. We are not coordinating it with them. Velvet Revolution works on issues election integrity, not specifically in support of any candidate or campaign. While we will share our findings with the campaign and hope that the hundreds of irregularities we are documenting will be considered by the campaign in their decision about whether or not to seek judicial review, we believe this project is important regardless of the campaign’s decision. The voters of Wisconsin need to know what really happened in this election, and the whole country needs to understand how vulnerable to incorrect results our election system currently is.

Would you like to volunteer?

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