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So Tell Me About Herman Cain

So Tell Me About Herman Cain

You know he is in for the treatment.  They reserve the worst for those who threaten their narratives the most. 

Already the same writer who recently bashed Sarah Palin at The Atlantic has accused him of running “mildly racist” advertisements while CEO of Godfather’s Pizza (how long until we hear from a Democratic-leaning Italian-American group over the name of the company?).

But this statement released today leads me to think this guy gets it, and will not play by the MSM game of gotcha on policy positions.  We need a leader, not the guy or gal who is best at memorizing the policy talking points book:

Ever since the South Carolina Republican presidential debate, reporters have continued to challenge me for not having a specific plan for our nation’s involvement in Afghanistan. They continue to think that if you are running for president then you must have an answer for everything. I don’t! A real leader has the right questions for everything.

When asked about what I would do about our involvement in the war in Afghanistan during the debate, I answered by asking the questions that should have been asked before we got involved many years ago. What is our mission? How does it serve our interest? Is there a path to victory? If not, then what is our exit strategy?

I ask these questions instead of “shooting from the lip” because there is obviously a lot of classified information to which I do not have access. There are dozens of experts and military leaders I would need advice from before I could make an informed decision about a real clear plan for the USA’s involvement in Afghanistan. Similarly, a real clear strategy for every country with which we have relationships would be developed, regardless of whether or not we are involved in a military conflict.

We have tried the alternative, a sweet-talking phony who manipulates sensitive issues and plays racial and class politics with reckless abandon, all the while shooting from the lip to provide the masses with their policy opiates.

But I don’t know enough about him.  So tell me about Herman Cain.

Update:  Jim Treacher:

The more I listen to Herman Cain, the more I like him. Which I guess only counts if you think likability is a factor in electing a president. And, being of a mischievous mind, I can just imagine how he’d confound the race-obsessed left as an opponent. “Holy crap, what do we do? This guy is so black, he makes Obama look like Edgar Winter’s bloodless corpse half-buried in a snowbank. Begin Operation: Clarence Thomas!”

Because that’s all they can see. They can’t fathom that people could actually be drawn to Cain by who he is and what he says, not which box he checks under “Race.” It might actually be about… oh, what was that thing called? Oh yeah: the content of his character.

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"America is at a crossroads. We have to ensure that America makes the right decision as to which road we take. If we are to remain the greatest nation in the world, we must select the road that leads to defeating the bureaucratic beast of too much regulation, too much legislation and too much taxation."

"Democrats are losing loyal voters, but the Republicans aren't picking them up. Democrats are ideologically bankrupt. Republicans have a major brand-identity problem."

"I am not a social-issue crusader. I am a free-enterprise crusader."

"The Democrat leaders in the United States Senate don't have a plan or even a clue on how to fix Social Security."

Herman Cain

Herman, how right you are..

SS Trust Fund – "We lost $1.1 Trillion last year!"

"The open group unfunded obligation over the 75-year projection period has increased from $5.4 trillion (present discounted value as of January 1, 2010) to $6.5 trillion (present discounted value as of January 1, 2011)."


Well, first, Cain may be able.

He is as close to the NOT Obama as we could elect, being a man from a non-pathological background who LIKES capitalism and freedom.

He has a proven record of successessssss… Not one, or two.

He has been an advocate for a total revolution in our tax structure, which I strongly advocate as well.

He seems a man of considerable character who lives his values.

Contra–he has been a supporter of the Fed and a few other BIG GOVERNMENT initiatives.

Bottom line…I could enthusiastically vote for the man.

I agree with Ragspierre. The more I watch/listen/read about Cain, the more I like him. I think that because he is a complete outsider, never being elected to office before, he has a very uphill battle. But on the other hand, we're always looking for someone not tainted by Washington. SO maybe he is a formidable candidate.

Bottom line is that he has my support.

I have been following him for over a year now. Haven't once caught him changing the narrative depending on who he is talking to. He's the same, over and over again, and always speaks well of our country. I think he's the real deal. And he's fearless.

His one main problem is no Washington experience at all; I'd like at least some understanding of that place at the top of the ticket. Definitely would support ANY combinations of Cain, Bachmann, Santorum and West.

I like him. I like Sarah Palin better, but I'd willingly vote for him (instead of against Obama).

Just to add to Ragspierre. At one point, Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. I'm not sure how the average voter views the FED, but there's definitely a narrative out there that puts much of the blame for the tech and housing bubbles on mistakes in FED policy. You can be 100% sure that Ron Paul will make Cain's association with the FED an issue in the primaries.

Also, the statement on Afghanistan is refreshingly honest. But his opponents are going to spin it that his foreign policy is indecisive and weak. Even so, I doubt it will be a deal breaker for him. It just means if he gets the GOP nomination, he may have to announce either a V.P. who is super strong on foreign policy or do something unconventional like announce during the general election campaign who his choice for Sec. of State will be. There are plenty of obviously qualified candidates (Condi Rice, John Bolton, etc.) for him to choose from to mitigate whatever weakness, perceived or real, he has in foreign policy.

The economy will almost surely decide the election, and his economic message is the right one. I just don't know how his association with the Federal Reserve will play.

Cain CAN, if entrusted with the nomination and the election. I'm rooting for both to occur.

(how long until we hear from a Democratic-leaning Italian-American group over the name of the company?)

Hey Vinny! When did da' family let des lefty 'Talies in? Come on huh, we gotta' reputation, Vinny. We didn' start dis ting in Palermo, to have it screwed, huh!

Introducing Herman Cain

"The former Godfather’s Pizza head takes the GOP primary by storm."


I like him 95%. His editorial endorsement of TARP is a red flag. Given the rest of the field though, I'm ready for my official Herman Cain nose plugs. His answer on Afghanistan is EXACTLY the one I've been praying to hear for years. I got so sick of lefties monday-morning-quarterbacking Iraq and WMD's and other BS opinions that I just wanted to scream "YOU AIN'T SEEN THE INTEL, SO YOU DON'T KNOW JACK! GIVE THE GUY WHO HAS SEEN IT A LITTLE CONSIDERATION!" Even The One's continuation of those policies doesn't seem to clue them in that being able to see the intel might have a significant impact on the decision making process. I would vote for H.C. on his answer on Afghanistan alone!

I'm pleased that he told the truth and owned up to not knowing much about Afghanistan. That said, he needs to know more about Afghanistan. It's only the biggest foreign policy focus of the last decade, with the possible exception of Iraq. He doesn't need to know classified data to have a philosophy. He doesn't need to know military strategy to have an opinion. He doesn't need to know the country's objective to have one of his own. I hesitate to use the word "neophyte", but Herman Cain needs to educate himself more if he's going to take over the most important job in the world. We may not need another slick talker, but we certainly don't need another president playing catch up for the first half of his time in office.

That being said, I have some personal objections to Herman Cain. One, he supports the Fair Tax. While he claims to have studied it himself, a lot of other people have also studied it and don't think it would work.

Second, when asked in the debate why he supported Mitt Romney in '08 but is running against him now, he replied "because Romney lost." It was a glib answer and got a lot of laughs, but if I'd been the moderator, I'd've said, "yes, but you also lost a primary, and one that wasn't nearly as competitive as a presidential primary, so why are you a better candidate?" Losing is not a disqualification; Reagan lost the first time he ran, and that didn't impede his progress the next time around. Either Cain believes losing once disqualifies you, which makes him a hypocrite, or he just didn't want to say why he's really not supporting Romney, which makes him dishonest.

Third, while I admire his business experience, I don't admire his lack of public sector experience. He's never held elected office before. There are aspects of being president for which running a business simply cannot prepare you. Other candidates have been working to make up for this by, again, educating themselves. Pawlenty's visited the Middle East about a dozen times. Santorum's done the same. Romney's done nothing But educate himself for the last few years (that and work to get conservatives elected to just about every public office there is). What has Herman Cain done to prepare himself? Just because "nothing can prepare you for the presidency" doesn't mean there's nothing you can do.

Cain is a dynamite speaker and would make a perfect running mate for someone who has more government/party organizational experience but is enough of an outsider that supporting both would cause beltway party flunkies to soil their britches when forced [reluctantly] to support them. IMO that's the only way surviving RINO's could be forced to come back where the party should be.

As a stand-alone candidate I think he would be picked off by the Dhimo's house press. But with two cantankerous uncontrollable candidates who demonstrably reach deep into the hearts of voters I think the press can be neutralized. When they go after one, the other speaks. When they turn their attention to the other, the first one hits out again. I think it could be great fun!

Cain is right next to Palin for me. Trustworthy, I used to listen to him fill in for Neil Boortz, and I trust him, really. The issue I have is that he has not had to withstand the fires that Sarah has. He's an untested product, and this is an election this country cannot afford to take chances on. Sarah is the Real Deal, and I'm behind her 100% or whoever she enforces if she doesn't run. One of the biggest things here is the level of trust (deception) that the Democratic party has infused black people with. My point is that a Herman Cain presidential run will NOT get the black vote because of the amount of black intellectuals who would wholesale "UNCLE TOM" this guy, ala Clarence Thomas. If the point here is to pick up black votes, guys Cain is too "white" to do that seen here:;=f.

Obama is the "real" black man, and will get the black votes. Sarah on the other hand will get more black votes being a beautiful white woman, plus hispanics know her as well as they can. They know almost nothing about Cain I would surmise except for what their black friends tell them. Altogether, though I trust Cain's conservative credentials IMPLICITLY, he's too much of a risk. Let someone like West, with 20 years of military service, two master's degrees, bronze star, and a congressional seat get high profile. At least more so than some in the "whitey keepin you down" crowd. Then "acting white" might not be so bad anymore, and a black conservative might just get enough fans to make it in this country.

His advocacy of the Fair Tax is a definite minus. Anyone who believes such a tax would replace the current income tax instead of being added on top of it doesn't understand the duplicity of Washington DC.

His lack of so called public service, i.e. not being a lying self serving pol is a plus.

His business experience as a CEO is a plus, plus, plus as he understands how to run a bureaucracy and bend it to his will.

His score +3, based on that he is acceptable as "a" candidate and meets the minimum qualifications to be POTUS.

I have yet to hear anyone state what would replace the Fed. Ron Paul states it is a congressional responsibility. I agree. But…when congress was in charge of the money supply it was a disaster. See Grange Wars.
I don't like the present setup of the Fed but I don't have any ideas on a replacement. This goes all the way back to our Founding. Robert Morris and Hamilton created the National Bank (now BOA).
Jefferson and Franklin had reservations.


Ok, I'll say it. He may be a conservative and a business man, but for the GOP to attempt to out-pander the pandering party and out-Obama them is ludicrous. To put on display their "non-racist" bona fides is embarrassing to say the least. Please, I can already smell another term for The Won. Who is Cain going to pick for VP? Condoleezza Rice? Colin Powell? Lol It doesn't matter because conservatives will still be called racist, backward, out of touch, "old white men" etc. Conservatives CANNOT win this game because the rules are ever changing to be stacked against us.

Where are we, post Apartheid South Africa? If not, then stop acting like we are. Many white Americans are reacting to their disenfranchisement as a people, pure and simple. Even if they do not want to admit it or are able to verbalize it. My honest belief is that we are witnessing the beginning stages of the end of an empire. The next two decades will be quite amazing to witness.

Cyd, thanks for that. I hadn't realized till now Cain is black. I need to rethink my position.

OK, I've thought it over. I still like him for VP.

Herman Cain was a fantastic radio guy, go back and listen to some of his archives. I would also suggest you listen to his CPAC speech of which I was lucky enough to listen to and I got to shake his hand, he is a Conservative, there is no quaking and shaking and making crap up, he speaks from the heart like Sarah Palin about this Country and how it should be run and not by the liberals who have destroyed it over the past 60yrs!

My take is a little different than Treacher's: The more I listen to the *rest of the field*, the more I like Cain.

I don't think his support within the party has anything to do with an attempt to out-pander anyone. Most people I talk to are well aware that that will be the charge (we found our own black guy to run against their black guy). And most seem to know those charges will be one of the biggest things working against him. But the man seems pretty solid, and the best thing he's got going for him is the relatively uninspiring rest of the field. I'm under no illusion that he will peel off a chunk of black supporters from Obama. The Clarence Thomas treatment times seven is more likely. But I'm not ready to dismiss the only candidate right now who's already lit a grassfire with conservatives just because his nomination will get readily mocked. Looking at the horses currently in the race, he's the one with all the excitement. And that matter, a lot. You win elections when your people are excited, not when they just really want the other fellow to lose.

I'm not sure who I'd like to see win it right now, though I've got some pretty solid notions about who I don't. This cowboy is just about establishmented out, and the fact that W and the party elites seem to really like Daniels gives me a great deal of pause. Same goes for Mitt and a lot of the others. Political experience matters in a campaign, but it isn't everything. Principles matter. Being able to explain yourself matters. And being able to excite positive passion about you damn sure matters (see Dole, Bush I, and McCain for emphasis).

As for Flat Tax/Fair Tax, either is better than what we've got. Whatever the Fair Tax's failings, which may be many, it being tacked onto/above the income tax, isn't one of them. Repealing the 16th Amendment is its central tenet.

Easy there, 49erDweet. No need to do the full "I ain't racist cuz I know a black person or two, and I'll even vote for one" shtick. You have your opinion, I have mine. Mine just happens to be more correct than yours, though you just aren't aware of it yet, if ever you will be. Let's "critically" look at Cain, according to Wikipedia (I know, but I am not interested in deep research at present):

Herman Cain supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bank bailouts as a way to save the economy, viewing it as an investment opportunity for the taxpayers. – Fail

In early 2011, Cain stated on his radio show that there was no need for an audit of the Federal Reserve. – Fail

Herman Cain announced his support of the gold standard on a radio program in late 2010 – Pass

Cain opposes the United States being an entitlement society. In an interview with Christianity Today, Cain stated, "Programs today are designed to make people more dependent rather than less dependent." – Pass

Cain favors George W. Bush's position of reforming the current system, but not privatizing it – Fail, we are bankrupt and need a strong answer here.

Cain believes that education is vital to success and favors performance incentives for teachers. Cain also favors vouchers and charter school systems. – Bland and partial fail. The education system needs revamping and to be put back on the meritocracy course.

Cain favors offshore drilling and favors drilling in ANWR. He favors allowing consumers to chose alternative energy sources such as solar and wind through the private market instead of the government dictating who will be the economic winners and losers. – Partial Pass though not sure about ANWR. I like the alternative energy source lingo.

Cain favors repealing the Affordable Health Care for America Act. – Of course, though easier said than done. Pass for at least saying it.

Cain believes that the US-Mexico border must be secured. He believes in allowing illegal immigrants living in the US to go through the the traditional citizenship process. – Fail

He supports Israel and believes that the US should aid Israel in defending itself. – Oi vey! Sorry Professor, I know you are a staunch Israel supporter, but we need to critically look at this relationship. Not end it, but look after our own interests first and foremost. I'm giving it a Fail.

Cain favors a diplomatic approach to nuclear disarmament. He believes that Iran is a threat to Israel. – See above, Fail.

Re: North Korea…Cain opposes any form of appeasement to the US's enemies. He believes that the number one priority for the US is to keep its citizens safe. – Strong but empty talk. Neutral

Re; Russia…Cain opposed the New START treaty because he believes that the US gave up too much. – Not sure how smart this is either. We do not need, nor can afford another 2-3 decade long cold war, sorry. Fail

In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in both his colon and his liver. Cain underwent surgery and chemotherapy following the diagnosis, and has since reported that he is cancer-free. – Most important, at least to me. Less than a 10% chance of survival with metastatic colon cancer. I don't think the country should have to deal with the possible death of a President. It may sound harsh, but that is the reality. – Fail

In short, Cain is a RINO. Maybe not a Romney RINO, but a RINO none the less. And that is on top of what I had issues with above.

Well, that settles it. Ron Paul is the only true republican candidate. We may lose all 50 states, but dammit, at least we'll have a blimp.


Exactly. Most Cain fans are looking for a "black savior" here, and it's making me sick. If you aren't after "the content of the character", then it's pandering!

There are much better candidates out there- i.e. Sarah Palin – That will fight tooth and nail for this country, not because "that one is white, this one is black", but because we need SO MUCH help right now getting to our collective feet. We need to get off "race" in this country as a determining factor, I don't support affirmative action in the workplace, much less for POTUS. Democrats are the Masters or race manipulation.
They are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and standing in the schoolhouse door. How ANYONE can think that they have an advantage supporting a man whose people has been consistently used as a tool, political or otherwise, for the last few hundred year. He may be right for your ideals, but that doesnt change the fact his brothers are steeped to the hilt in the Democratic machine, and most are fed directly off the working people's backs via handouts. Unemployment is over 50% in black youths today. Do you see blacks supporting abolishing the minimum wage, even though it would massively increase employment in this country? We need smart and politically incorrect solutions such as that to turn things around. Somebody's handouts are going to get turned off at some point. When Cain starts talking about entitlement reform, it will only serve to solidify opposition. Cain and Rubio seem to have this "magic" that some dream will cause election to be won, and a golden age, and they are the perfect conservatives and all that stuff. You guys are only seeing RACE because for our opposition, that is their strength: to turn people against each other and provoke race hostilities. Just because we pick a black candidate doesn't mean we automatically WIN. It means we are playing their race game, and they are much better at it that we are.
Ron Paul is NOT going to get votes for anyone that supports Israel, and he will cause conservatives to lose this election. The man is crystal clear: no foreign entanglements. That would mean abandoning our major ally in the middle east, and too many soldiers have died already promoting stability over there to support pulling out now. Paul has_some_great_ ideas, but he would be more extreme than the Ryan plan in the implementation. People who want Regan conservatism to win will not support Paul, and may vote for the Dem or stay home when faced with him: because to them he is a "weak" candidate i.e. he doesn't support Israel. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. I know everybody here wants to be popular, have lots of black friends, and destroy the Federal Reserve all in early January 2013, but "He who chases two rabbits will catch none." If Palin is half as good as the media try everyday to convince you she is not, there will be a much better climate for conservatism after her election for people like cain or west. Just like after the last few years in Bush's term in which he bailed out banks with TARP, took away freedom with the Patriot Act, and generally acted as nonconservative as possible (not surprising given what his grandfather did, the filthy traitor) paved the way to the Obama white house today. I hope I've made my point, you pro Cain race hustlers.

Cyd, regarding auditing the Fed, Cain said they have audits all the time, "CALL EM UP!" So I did, on line. AUDIT REPORTS ARE ON LINE. Pull up your Fed's website, go to Pubs, click on Annual Report, there it is.

Atlanta's audit was done by the independent firm, Deloitte.

Please be more careful to WRITE THE TRUTH about other men and women, especially when it comes to such a critical topic as choosing a President.


Please be careful before you accuse someone of "NOT WRITING THE TRUTH" as I only copied what was on Wikipedia. If you have an issue, contact them. In that regard, it is a left leaning web encyclopedia so one needs to take anything they say about a political or controversial topic with a grain of salt.

Who did Herman Cain vote for as President in 2008? This should tell the tale.

Thanks, Cyd, for being so clever you missed my entire point. Black, white, yellow, green, purple, whatever. That factor has absolutely no place in deciding who to vote for – or against. And to raise it here is to give up your claims, should you have them, to social decency and responsibility.

You've identified what's important to you but in-so-doing you've shown readers of this post certain inner workings of your thought processes some people might find regretable. In my opinion, of course.

FAIL on imputed biases, too. But you'd have to know more to understand that.

Smug Cyd needs to stop imputing biases to others until Cyd's own prejudicial house is in order. When discussing character, or lack thereof, there is absolutely no need to quantify it with black, white, yellow, purple or whatever. To do is is to surrender the high ground before an adversary fires a single shot. IOW race discussion equals FAIL.

49erDweet is a blast from the past, namely 1990s. This admonishment of non-PC viewpoints is not quaint, but quite irksome in light of what has transpired and is transpiring. Get off your high horse and do not lecture me as this is 2011 and we are witnessing events that have crystallized many people's viewpoint on racial politics. Stop watching CNN. Your way of thinking, though honestly hopeful 2 decades ago, has led to Affirmative Action run amok and to the Catastrophe in Chief that currently resides in the White House. This Presidency is a racial one, period. Want proof? Go ask the "The First Black President" and his overly ambitious wife just how they feel pandering to black voters their entire lives and what it got them when a black man ran against them.

Your Forrest Gumpian way of thinking. – FAIL!

Herman Cain is not perfect but no one is, if you are looking for the perfect candidate..good luck! Herman Cain speaks from the heart, stands up for what he believes in and He doesn't flip flop on issues. I wouldn't mind having him as my Commander in Chief. He may have a small history of working for the Feds but that doesn't disqualify him for running. he has a proven history of taking bankrupting Companies and turning them around and that is what we need right now. Cyd I respect your opinion but I think you are wrong about Cain, He is the only one that will stand a chance against anyone, Huckabee isn't going to run and a doubt Palin is either, Cain is a good mix between the two.

Here some more info on Herman Cain and by the way, the claim he has no government service is FALSE. He was chairman of the Board of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, i.e. a government post.

It seems the MSM is attempting to minimize a potential threat to Obama's re-election. Let's face it, if you had to chose between a feckless government boob with zero business experience and a successful businessman with government service, whom do choose?