Marc Ambinder serves as the Obama campaign messenger of the day, with an uncritical account of what Team Obama supposedly believes as to the Republican field. 

You will not be surprised to find that Team Obama was most concerned with a candidate who is not running:

Gov. Mitch Daniels is a lot of things to a lot of people, but to President Obama’s political team, the Hoosier was the most credible Republican spokesperson on economic recovery, the man whose results as Indiana governor would compare most favorably to the man in office. Now that he’s not running, the Republican field lacks a credible Obama antithesis.

Oh please.  This is just nonsense.  If Daniels were in the race, team Obama would be pushing the message that some other guy who was not running would be the “most credible” opponent.

This is just part of Team Obama’s Operation Demoralize.  And it has many media helpers.

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