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Regulatory capture

Regulatory capture


I wonder if this will have any coverage:

“A few months ago, the Federal Communications Commission approved Comcast’s purchase of NBC by a vote of 4-1. At the time, many people joked that the commissioners were all just securing themselves a gig at Comcast for their post-FCC careers. Today, that joke became less funny after Comcast confirmed it has indeed hired one of the four commissioners who approved the controversial deal.

After FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker’s FCC term expires at the end of June, she will move over to Kabletown as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, NBCUniversal.”

Oh but our dear leaders should be allowed to reorganize the healthcare system.
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When I bring up the issue of 'Regulatory Capture' in conversation I always get a deer in the headlights type blank stark in return.   Most folks just don't get it!

IMO the Left wants an economy in which all businesses operate like utility companies: unionized, bureaucratic, highly regulated, with cushy high-paying jobs for people from government.

"Oh but our dear leaders should be allowed to reorganize the healthcare system. "

In the words of The Man With Two Brains: "Well somebody has to!"

The free market failed spectacularly. Now someone else has to step in, and oh look there's a system used by every other OECD country that works a lot better than our flaming ball of wreckage. Gee, maybe we should try that?

The logic of this post seems to be that corrupt regulation means regulation itself is bad. Quite the opposite. Corrupt regulation proves just how slimy the corporations are and why they need rigid iron fisted regulation by scrupulously monitored government bodies. Comcast should be crucified for this action. That they aren't only proves the need for a lot more regulation.

Tlaloc: Good lord you're an idiot. You really believe that crap? Reading your posts is like listening to someone earnestly, calmly and sincerely insist that the sky is pale green.

What free market? We live in a system of political capitalism.

In the case of health care, you might want to look at the impact of the legal industry on national health care costs. We are the most overlawyered society in the world (by far), and the cost shows up in health care and everything else. The legal industry is the Democratic Party, and they own most of the Republican Party as well.