As reported yesterday, David Prosser is on track to win the recount over JoAnne Kloppenburg.  It is possible that the Wisconsin GAB will report the final results today, and if it does, I’ll update the post.  As of now, it looks like Prosser will win by a margin of approximately 7000 votes (as compared to 7316 after the canvass).

All this time, effort and money netted Kloppenburg a few hundred votes, in line with historical experience in statewide recounts.

Kloppenburg will have 5 business days after the last county completes and reports its recount within which to challenge the results in court, so that likely puts us at the end of next week.

We know that Team Kloppenburg has made a lot of noise, none of which is justified, about “ballot bag security.”  But surely Team Kloppenburg knows that this is all smoke and no fire.

But what will she do?  Will she or won’t she?  The poll is open until 10 a.m. Eastern on Monday, May 23.

If Kloppenburg concedes over the weekend, post a comment or e-mail me.  I’ll be anxiously waiting!

Update: h/t reader Trochilus – final recount total, Prosser wins by 7006. Steve Eggleston has all the details.

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