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Poll – When Will RAID ON ABBOTTABAD Be Released?

Poll – When Will RAID ON ABBOTTABAD Be Released?

The major Hollywood motion picture:

RAID ON ABBOTTABAD – How Barack Obama and a Team of Navy SEALS Changed the Course of History

The cast will include (other suggestions are welcome):

JAMES CAAN as The Veep
GLENN CLOSE as Hillary
ED HARRIS as Robert Gates

There may be made for TV movies before this, but this will be the big, all-stars movie, with a massive weekend roll out and a red carpet gala covered by the major networks.  The cameos will be legendary (suggestions welcome).

When will it be released?  (Poll open until 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 8)

Update 5-8-2011: Thanks to BigFurHat for the movie poster:

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Wasn't Citizens United the one about a movie and elections….

The way this story keeps changing with new facts that may not be so flattering to the president, he might soon wishing for everyone to just forget about this completely.

The GOP should instead come out with a "How I Bungled The Announcement of the Japanese Surrender In WWII" movie starring Joe Isuzu.

Darn, I was hoping for a role for
Jim Carrey….

The cast of SNL would be better for this class act……

With a Tina Fey cameo as Sarah Palin……don'ch know!

@BB-Idaho – "The Press Spokesman"

One of my first thoughts after the bin Laden news… after F-yeah, was who's going to buy the movie rights to this story?

Denzel deserves a better role.

I heard today that, even though the SEALS normally are under orders not to divulge sensitive info, they were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Sounds weird as heck, but I put nothing past this administration. All the better to be sure yours is the only story that comes out, I guess. Of course, maybe one day the WH will come out with what really happened instead of all this wishy-washy garbage. I doubt it will be in this administration, though.

Professor, I have commented early and often on your website. I have a small story to tell, and maybe it is nothing, but I know important eyes roam these web pages, and I felt someone might want to read this. This started several months ago when I signed up for Scribd, because I saw an article that I wanted to see the full content of. I was lazy and used my facebook login to sign up with. I literally haven't done anything with this account in 6 months. Then, I get an email saying "friendsofMuslims" on scribd was now following me. I have no other subscribers, and I only signed up the one time just to read the one article. This intrigued me, so I dropped my account (really easy and painless to do) and reinstated my account with just a username, rather than connecting with facebook. My first action was to start following friendsofMuslims. Two things: the feed coming from this user appears to be photocopied anti-Israel webpages downloaded with a pdf printer, complete with the ads on the side, along with lots and lots of handwritten notes. Second, it appears the only people this user follows are people of obviously middle eastern decent, and American white people (like me) who have connected to Scribd using Facebook. The user has almost 60,000 people they are following, and I cannot tell you how many profiles I have seen of people like me who appeared to have logged in once with Facebook, then never again. Also, when you do that, all of their Facebook friends appear on the side as well, so it appears to be some kind of attempt at data mining. For mother's day, this user uploaded pictures of US President's mothers. Suspicious, no? Think you very much, and please allow this message to be seen by others. For the record, I am no Muslim troll or slammer. I didn't "bring this upon myself", because I mostly comment on domestic politics. I have no idea how this person picked me.

CALL ME CRAZY – but, I am wondering why they released any details about this raid at all. It seems to me that the Obama administration totally blew it when they let out all the second by second details about what type of troops went in on what kind of helicopters, what types of photos we have, etc. I think our nation would have been best served if they simply announced that Bin laden was killed in a covert mission, period.

Now, we have all of these soap operas about what exactly happened in what order, who shot who, etc. Their story even seems to change from day to day. What benefit did they expect to derive from divulging all of this information? Now, on top of this nonsense, we have to wonder what Hollywood is going to do with this raid? This all makes the entire Obama administration look like the rookies they truly are because they don’t know how to even manage the news about what should have been a totally covert operation with no details whatsoever given to the public.

Does it occur to anyone that all the bad guys we are looking for all over the world will now move into basement apartments in high density urban settings with escape tunnels because we gave away all of the excruciating details about how we go after bad guys. It just seems to be total stupidity to me.

sort of runic rhyme | May 7, 2011 at 9:51 am

I also don't understand releasing the news of Osama's death so immediately, if the cache of insider information at his compound contains meaty particulars of who's who, Pakistani contacts (some/many of whom no doubt are officials), safehouses and plots, as our side contends. The mad scramble must be on as everybody scatters and takes counter measures and political cover.

Why not wait at least a week to make the announcement to give us time for intel assessment and targeting, while the news of bin Laden's timely demise gets leaked out through back channels inefficiently and unconfirmed at best?

Doesn't feel right. It's as if this administration is controlled by events and kneejerk responses to domestic perception rather than being in charge of executing long-term winning strategies for our side. Obama went for the quick slam-dunk polling win by going public immediately, giving him a bounce which has nearly dissipated, sadly, due to, i think, his self-congratulatory tone and b/c many of us realize he tipped off al-Qaeda and accomplices unnecessarily. Heck, not all of us are even sure Obama wanted to get Osama, given some reports he was cornered into OK'ing the order.

I think another choice should be added.
O Just before the indictments are handed down

Bob Uecker would be a better Veep,,, in the film and real life.

Silly rabbit, it'll get released whenever Axelrod tells them to release it.

I've got your theater poster right here –


How about casting Homer Simpson as the Veep instead? I think most will agree it's a better fit.

"Darn, I was hoping for a role for Jim Carrey"

He can play Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Dennis Quaid as Leon Panetta…
Moniqu'e as the 1st Sasquatch…
Matt Damon as the ISI double agent, "Imam X"….
Tim 'Tiny' Lester as Barack Obama…..
Will Ferrell as "General" Joe Biden….
Barbara Streisand as Hillary…

James Cann? Darn, he's one of the good guys! Why, oh why, are you putting him in this clinker of a smell-o-vision pot-boiler?

I would go if they had Bill Maher play Usama bin Laden … just to see him die.