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Palestinians Throw In With The Wrong Side Again

Palestinians Throw In With The Wrong Side Again

The PLO was cozy with Saddam Hussein, in a marriage born of hatred of Israel.  When Saddam was overthrown, Palestinians lost not only an important ally, but also experienced a backlash from Iraqis.

Palestinians appear to be making the same mistake again, throwing in with the current Syrian regime and Hezbollah to organize a gate-crashing of the Israeli border.

This phony attempt to bring the “Arab Spring” to Israel is another strategic mistake by the Palestinians.  Not only does it demonstrate that Palestinians want the destruction of Israel and therefore are not peace partners, but it also casts the Palestinians on the opposite side of other Arab populations.

Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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Being a pawn is one thing. Being a willing pawn is quite another.

Along those lines, I don't understand why the Palestinians don't realize that Israel is not their REAL problem. The current Islamic regime leaders (Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas, Saudi Arabia, etc.) have subjected them to intolerable living conditions, keeping them in poverty, by not allowing them to become productive citizens of these nations. These governments are instead pushing the propaganda, the FALSE narrative, that they are a people who don't belong anywhere – except Israel. Bull! Syria and Lebanon, not to mention Saudi Arabia, are all countries with the same "ethnic" link as these so-called refugees. Syria in particular is more a valid "Palistinian State" than any nation in the Middle East.

Don't Palestinians have ANYONE who is knowledgeable and HONEST about what is really being done to them?! If not, then why not? Money? Power? Or just plain all-out hatred?

Also, no one in the press (or elsewhere) brings up the displaced Jewish peoples, the massacres, the anti-Semitism rampant throughout the Islamic former empire.

Thank you for continuing to bring this "forgotten" history to the forefront, and to give a voice to those who have been silenced by the PC leftists. Watching the videos has helped me to continue to support Israel, to know what the true history of the Middle East is, and why the so-called Arab Spring is a lie of epic proportions.

The Palestinians really are their own worst enemies.

cassandra lite | May 17, 2011 at 12:40 pm

As Abba Eban noted long ago–in an observation that's sadly still just as astute–the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

As should be obvious by now, if only because of what they've done in Gaza since it became wholly theirs, opportunity is not what they're after. Jew killing is. In the parable, they're the scorpion and the rest of the "civilized" world that insists peace can and should be made with them is the grasshopper.

"Not only does it demonstrate that Palestinians want the destruction of Israel and therefore are not peace partners…."

I don't think this will discredit them in the eyes of American liberals. A lot of the liberals I know will admit, after much pressing, that they support the destruction of Israel.

Besides, we have regularly seen proof that Palestinian talk of peace is a lie intended for Western gullible Westerners. Why should one more revelation finally open the eyes of Westerners who WANT to be in love with thugs and fascists?