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Obligatory “Obama SEAL Doll” Post

Obligatory “Obama SEAL Doll” Post

(Originally posted on 5/12/11, lost in the Big Blogger Blackout of 2011, brought back to life courtesy of the Restore Honor and Sanity (and missing Legal Insurrection posts) Project)

I think this sort of stuff hurts him more than it helps, but he is bringing it on himself with his never-ending Spike the Football Tour:

Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

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Is that – uhhh – a REAL toy?

Why did they put Michelle's arms on the Barack doll?

The T-shirt looks like "The Punisher", which if you own or work for a business for the last few years seems oddly appropriate.

excuse me…
If anyone but a liberal released this doll it would be immediately branded as racist….are you kidding?

sort of runic rhyme | May 12, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Maybe performing seal…

Rush just said they used Michelle's body. Heh.

On a different note, how many times you reckon our Punisher in Chief has fired a gun in his life? Water-pistols and nerf guns don't count.

Good Lord, comparing our Dear Leader to a real Navy SEAL runs smack up against the limits of human comprehension.

Rush quipped they used Michelle's body to make that doll.