Choices will have to be made soon, and chief among them is whether to tackle the debt problem head on and take the political risk, or not.

I don’t see it as much of a risk.  Obama will not be defeated unless front and center is the damage to the nation from the national debt and the deficits, and the absolute abdication of duty by the Democrats.  Instead of 14 Wisconsin fleebaggers, we have an entire Democratic Party and President who have fled from the central issue of our generation.

With the mass media on Obama’s side, milquetoast is not going to work.

Obama is overplaying the bin Laden card big time, but he can’t help himself because it is the only achievement of his administration as to which he is on the side of the American people.  Every other supposed achievement — Obamacare, Stimulus, not sure what else — in fact was an abject failure and unpopular.

Obama cannot ride bin Laden forever.  It’s the debt stupid.  And the big, ever expanding government which stifles job growth. 

The Democrats think they are sitting pretty with stupid, childish commercials about Grandma being thrown off a cliff.

Let them think NY-26 was their Virginia, New Jersy and Massachusetts.  Three sweeping wins in significant sized states versus a mere plurality in a messed up congressional race in which a fake Tea Party candidate served as spoiler.

Now is not the time to play it safe.  Because safe is a guarantee of four more years of the worst President since the Great Depression.

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